Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review and Bonus

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Best New Method how to get paid by biz owners who need to comply with the EU’s new data protection laws

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW

I’ve made this system to be as ‘effortless’ as possible by making the entire process copy and paste. This package has everything you need to get you there… Whether you are looking to land a handful of clients to earn some spare money each month to pay off some bills or you want to build a consulting empire earning millions of dollars each year. I’ve also included a detailed tell-all guide that walks you through all the tricks and tips that I had to learn the hard way when using this method to attract clients. I’ve spent hours crawling through the GDPR documents, talking to attorneys, trying out plugins, and finding ways of explaining these laws in plain English to clients so they understand it and the importance of buying my service.

How the hell did you do that? – My wife. I was sitting in the waiting area of my wife’s hair salon, waiting for her to finish her hair cut. I struck up a conversation with the owner using one of my ‘opinion openers’ and ended up with a $1,200 check to help fix their website and Facebook page. My wife heard the whole conversation and couldn’t believe how smooth I sounded (little did she know I was using pre-written lines the entire time). These days she simply rolls her eyes when she hears me use the same sales script everywhere we go… She’s heard the same thing for years and can’t believe that it works every time. You’ll get your hands on the exact word for word pitch I’ve been using for years, as well as tips on the right timing, tonality, and delivery in the super bonus report. Listen: The Effortless GDPR Profits system is hands down the easiest way to land consulting clients. This sales pitch is one of the highest converting cold approaches I have ever seen, and the time to capitalize on it is NOW while GDPR is still fresh on the minds of prospects. I am so confident in this sales process, that I am willing to personally guarantee that it will work for you (details on my guarantee below). First picture this: Over the next week you send out just 10 emails in your spare time. Maybe in the morning with your coffee, or at night before you go to sleep. Use the lead sources in the guide book to find targets and the included email templates to write the emails. Within 2 days, you can expect 7 replies to the initial email looking to find out more. Offer each one an audit (Again copying the reply straight from my templates). The next day you’ve booked 4 GDPR audits. It takes about 40 minutes to go through their site and check off all the items they need to fix in the included checklist. This will be a lifesaver for the client and give them the peace of mind they are looking for (especially after reading your first hard-hitting email.)

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review

WATCH THE DEMO Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits HERE :

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Best New Method how to get paid by biz owners who need to comply with the EU’s new data protection laws

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits FEATURE :

If you can follow 4 simple steps, you can land your first $3,000 monthly client by the end of the week:

Step 1: Use my ‘shock and awe’ email templates to send cold emails to local businesses owners warning them about the new GDPR regulations. These emails are getting a 70% response when sent to the right prospects (lead sources included in the course). The emails sell the biz owner on a free GDPR audit that makes sure they are not at risk of fines for not complying with the new privacy laws. The response to this email is overwhelming.

Step 2: Use the included GDPR checklist to mark off all the changes the client needs to make to their site to become GDPR compliant.

THEN use the free SEO scanner which generates an SEO report, complete with all your information, and lists everything the client must do to guarantee first page ranking for their website.

Step 3: Send the prospect both reports along with my proven sales pitch to close the deal and lock them into a $3,000 monthly contract. Payments are handled automatically via PayPal, and the clients are locked into an annual contract. All the work is handled by the reseller agency and outsourcers.

Here’s a peak at everything I’ve included in The Effortless GPDR Consulting Profits course:

First, you’re getting all of my copy-paste email templates that take you from first contact with a potential client, all the way to closing the sale and locking in your payments:

  • The original ‘shock and awe’ email that sells free GDPR audits with a 70% response rate – This simple email stops the business owner cold as soon as he sees the subject line. They will skip every other email in their inbox to read through the sales message and give you an immediate response (you can see replies in as little as an hour after you send it out IF you send it at the right time of day…Details inside the course).
  • Copy & Paste email templates for the entire sales funnel – Every step in the sales process is handled for you with these email templates. From the initial cold email to a local business owner, handling any objections, closing them on paying $3,000 monthly, to congratulating them on their purchase and upselling additional bonuses. Avoid all the mistakes most rookies make that KILL their chance of a sale by using a proven sales pitch that takes you through the ENTIRE process from start to finish (MOST sales training only helps you generate leads, but leave you hanging when it comes to closing the deal.)
  • LinkedIn and Facebook versions of all sales materials – Get an immediate response from a business owner by messaging them directly through their social media account (PLUS my secret source of finding the biz owners personal social media accounts). Facebook can give you an immediate response from the business or use LinkedIn’s “Inmail” service to guarantee that your message is read by your target.
  • How to land a $3,000 monthly client for every $400 you spend in direct mail – I’ve included a direct mail formatted version of this cold email pitch that has an even higher closing rate than sending it via email (email has the highest response rate, but direct mail has the highest closing rate.) You can do this from your kitchen table or use a direct mail service to handle the mailing for you. Just copy and paste the sales copy I’ve provided you into the online form, and the company will handle all of the printing, mailing, tracking, for a small fee.
  • BONUS: Email rebuttal book for every way a client can say NO – Turning every NO a client gives you into a YES is the secret to selling any service. Only about 10% of the clients you book will sign up without asking questions or giving a rebuttal to your sales pitch. Handling these questions and objections allows you to close the other 90% and is what separates successful consultants from the one’s who are constantly struggling to find the ‘low hanging fruit’ clients. I’ve included a complete rolodex of excuse busters that will help you overcome any objection and close more sales including:

“I need to think about it”
“Now is not a good time”
“SEO doesn’t work”
“I don’t think we can afford it”
“Can I call you back?”
“Can you call me back?”
“I need to talk to my wife about it”
… And dozens more that cover the most common objections you’ll hear.

NEVER again get stuck looking for the right words to overcome a client’s objection, and go into any sales situation (over email, phone, or in person) with the confidence that you have ALL the answers. You’re also getting the GDPR checklist that I use to audit my client’s websites, and to ensure they stay compliant. Simply check off the items as you go through their site in about 38 minutes (I clocked myself) and send it back to them. This checklist sells them on paying $500 to have you fix it for them (which can be outsourced for less than half that). I usually waive this fee when they sign an annual SEO contract.

Access to SEO reseller white label program:

This is the number one SEO agency in the world and offers a private white label program for any consultants who want to earn money selling their services. YOU charge clients whatever you want, and just pay a small fee to have them manage all the details. GUARANTEED first page ranking to your clients.

The benefits are HUGE:

  • SEO scanner and report generator that does the selling for you – Enter a prospects website into this form to generate an SEO report on everything they need to do to guarantee first page placement on Google. This report is branded with your name, your contact information, your logo, and your prices. Give this report to the client along with my proven SEO consulting sales pitch and you will land $3,000 monthly consulting clients like clockwork.
  • Guaranteed first page ranking for your client’s websites – Deliver the results that keep your clients paying month in, month out AND provide you with referrals to other business owners.
  • White labeled dash board for your clients to see – Clients can log in and see all of their site’s information as well as customize their campaign right from their own dashboard and see their progress right before their eyes. This dashboard is completely white labeled with your contact information, logo, and name.
  • Upsell and delivery services to your clients including social media, mobile marketing, ad tracking and more
  • Agency provided sales training, and branded sales materials that you can brand with your information and send to clients to do the selling for you.
  • Flat fees for every service with the freedom to charge whatever you want – YOU set whatever price you want for this service. You can charge top dollar to the larger companies that can afford higher fees, and provide smaller mom and pop businesses a discount.

You’re also getting my dedicated guide on outsourcing GDPR Services:

  • Privacy policy and terms writers who will write your clients legal pages for $100 – A service you can charge $500 or more for (every site needs this, some don’t even have any!) These pages are known to improve SEO as well since Google looks for them.
  • Website gurus who can make any website compliant for as low as $300 – Charge $500 or more for this service and never have to worry about the technical details of making a site compliant.
  • How to avoid scams on sites like Fivver and Upwork – Workers that will take forever to complete a job, will break clients site, or will take your money and run. You’ll learn what to look out for so you will avoid losing money, and facing embarrassment with clients
  • Full list of free WordPress plugins to make any site fully GDPR compatible – These free plugins are open source, meaning they are managed by dozens of people, used on thousands of high traffic sites, and updated weekly. You should NEVER buy one of those ‘all in one’ GDPR plugins sold on JVZoo or Warrior Plus because they are made by a single outsourcer who will not keep them updated, not support them, and are not up to date on all regulations. It takes multiple plugins to become fully compliant.

You get to take advantage of my research with the cliff notes version on these complicated new laws. Inside you’ll learn:

  • The 8 key points to understanding GDPR – I’ve managed to summarize the new GDPR regulations into 8 key points that is easy for any client to understand. Memorize these talking points and you will immediately come across as the ONLY expert that was able to explain the importance of being compliant with these laws (this establishes trust, authority, and will make YOU the go to consultant for all things GDPR compliance.)
  • Full list of free and paid lead sources I use to get the direct contact information of local business owners – Getting a 70% response rate on cold emails requires you to email the RIGHT prospects through the right channels. These lead sources will put you in touch directly with decision makers skipping all secretaries and other employees who may ignore the message. Land your sales message into the inbox that gets read.
  • How to sell clients in Europe – Learn all the subtle differences to selling this service to businesses in the EU as opposed to the US including which countries and cities convert the highest, where to find their contact info, how to set up recurring payments in any currency, and how to lock an EU client into an annual contract.
  • Fun productivity hacks that allow me to get more done in 2 hours than most do all week – These tricks will turn your business into a fun game you look forward to every morning rather than work that needs to get done. Skip all the ‘motivation’, ‘goal setting’, and other nonsense pitched by self-help gurus. Make this business something you enjoy even before you start seeing the results.
  • Run this business discreetly with only a free email address – It costs nothing to get this started and can be done in as little as 2-3 hours a week. NO one needs to know you are starting as a consultant until that first check is in your bank account.
    All details on setting up recurring payments for clients and locking them into annual contract included – Every legal document you need is included saving the hassle from surprise legal troubles.

Super bonus guide: Conversational Selling Mastery

I’ve been working on a new master class recently on conversational selling…The ability to walk into any business and walk out with a paycheck strictly through casual conversation. When you invest in the Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits system, you are getting a first edition copy of my conversational selling report. The sales secrets contained in this guide have NEVER been released before and won’t be seen again until I complete my master class later this year.

Think about it: how many restaurants, mechanics, barbers, hair salons, doctors do you visit on a weekly basis and interact with? What would it be like to walk into these businesses and walk out with a check in hand just by striking up a conversation with the owner? Think of how many clients you could have, an easy 6-figure income without any cold calling, mass mailing, just by exploiting the network you have around you. If you are not getting checks from the businesses, you already frequent…You are leaving money on the table. Inside this super bonus guide you’ll learn the 3 simple questions to use in conversation that will get any local business owner to commit to a GDPR audit of their website. I still remember the first time I used these techniques to land a consulting client, my wife’s reaction was PRICELESS.

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits : FAQ

Q: Are US companies affected by the GDPR laws?
A: YES! The US has an agreement with the EU that makes GDPR and other laws enforceable in the US. Any business that may get visitors from the EU whether they are browsing from their home country or are visiting the country (common in big cities like New York, Miami, Chicago areas) is subject to the rules of GDPR.

Q: Can’t businesses just block all traffic from the EU?
A: NO! Many people in Europe browse the internet using a VPN which hides their location. This makes blocking them impossible. It also doesn’t stop EU citizens who are visiting other countries from browsing the site, making them vulnerable to a GDPR violation. This is a common misconception among US website owners and can be a big selling point to local businesses owners who mistakenly believe they are protected.

Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?
A: YES! As long as you can open a PayPal account you can earn money as a consultant… no matter where you live. All the details are provided in the course. I’ve had incredible luck selling to both EU and US companies and it doesn’t matter where you are.

Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?
A: YES! You can do it all from your computer. Remember, business owners are busy, too, so they’re happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get signed up over the phone or email via PayPal.

Q: Is there any upsell or OTO?
A: Everything you need to get started as a consultant for local businesses is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying extra sales materials to help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to grow your business beyond 6-figures.

Q: Can I get private coaching?
A: Yes! I will partner with you and help you launch a product of your own similar to this one. The cost of this coaching program is $2,500. If you are interested (and can afford my fee) give me a call and I will give you all the details 212-203-0374.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?
A: NO! You can get started as a consultant with no other out of pocket expense. I handle my entire business from my Gmail account, which is a free email provider. All it takes is a few hours work each week sending out these emails to see results

Q: How much money can I make?
A: There is no guarantee you will make any money when trying to sell services to business owners, in fact most new consultants don’t make any money at all because they take little action and give up quickly. That said, my coaching students have been earning anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month to over 7 figures a year selling consulting services to local business owners over emails. It all depends on how many clients you are willing to work with.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: This program will teach you how to invoice business owners through PayPal and bill them every month. Once set up, you never have to worry about collecting money from your clients, everything is handled securely and automatically by PayPal.

Q: How fast can I get paid?
A: How fast you can get paid depends on how much action you take. First time consultants have been getting paid in as little as 36 hours from starting when they follow the instructions.

GRAB Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits HERE :

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Best New Method how to get paid by biz owners who need to comply with the EU’s new data protection laws

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Bonuses

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits REVIEW

Run their site through the free SEO scanner to generate a done-for-you report on how they can get their site to the first page of Google. Send both audits back to the clients who requested them, along with the included sales pitch. About 1 in 4 clients who get the report will sign up for the monthly SEO package at $3,000 a month, auto-billed and locked into an annual contract. All you have to do is take a portion of the fees you collect each month and pay the SEO agency who generated the report to do all the servicing. Imagine waking up the first of every month knowing you’ve secured $48,000 in payments that month. All your bills are paid, AND the clients are happily being serviced by one of the top agencies in the world. YOU can focus on building your business or taking the time for yourself and doing the things you love. I have to warn you, don’t try to figure this out on your own. These emails and checklists have a lot of sneaky NLP sales tactics built in that you will learn about in the guide (or just put to work for you by copy and pasting). Sure, these emails are edgy and invoke a passionate response from the biz owners who receive them…But they are also crafted in a professional manner that builds rapport and trust to set the stage for a working relationship. It’s easy to screw this up and go overboard getting a negative or even angry response from the prospect (many of my early attempts garnered this very response). Stick to what is working and has been figured out through rigorous testing. And even if you took the sales lessons on this page, tested them over a few hundred emails and managed to land a handful of clients you wouldn’t be able to deliver on what you promise them. Guaranteeing GDPR compliance AND ranking on the first page of Google MIGHT land you the client…But Delivering on your guarantees is what keeps them paying month after month.

Fail to deliver because you couldn’t figure it out, or you hired the wrong outsourcer means YOU are left holding the bag. YOU have to take the angry phone calls and send the clients refunds (then explain to your bank or PayPal why you are refunding so much money, possibly never allowed to collect payments again). Investing in The Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits System allows you to cut the learning curve and start earning profits immediately without having to worry about angry clients or under delivering on your promises. Let me make this investment a no brainer for you by taking away all the risk. I’m so confident that this will work for you that I am personally guaranteeing your results. Try this system out for a full 60 days…If you are not completely satisfied for any reason just shoot me an email with your transaction ID and the word ‘refund’ and I will send you back every penny. You can even keep the course and all the bonuses as my gift to you for trying it out. Your investment is secure, and you have NOTHING to lose. I’m planning to sell this system over webinars over the next few months at a price of $197. I’m sure you’d a agree that $197 is a bargain for everything you are getting in this done-for-you package. Before I do that, I want to get more case studies and testimonials from more consultants who have put this to the test and landed clients using this method. And so, I’m giving away a handful of pre-release copies at a significant discount to my previous customers to get that feedback. If you are willing to put this to work AND contact me with your results once you’ve used this system, you can have a copy at the discounted rate. Sound fair enough?

GET Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits HERE :

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Review and Bonus by Luther Landro – Best New Method how to get paid by biz owners who need to comply with the EU’s new data protection laws

Effortless GDPR Consulting Profits Download

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