Ad Target Drill Review and Bonus

Ad Target Drill Review and Bonus by Ivana Bosnjak – Best New ad strategy that turned a simple $41.78 dollars into 5483 in revenue

Ad Target Drill REVIEW

Ad Target Drill is Step By Step PDF + Video training course that takes you by the hand over the proven ad strategy that is brining in MASSIVE results. If you are an affiliate marketing, complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie OR established marketers, you will find this strategy essential to your marketing efforts.

There is an easy way to do online marketing and the hard way… Most people do it the hard way…and end up glued to their desks 10-15 hours per day…BUT…What if you did not have to? What if there was a simple method you can intercept buyer traffic and send it to your affiliate links or sales pages? Take a look at this!

Ad Target Drill Review


Ad Target Drill Review and Bonus by Ivana Bosnjak – Best New ad strategy that turned a simple $41.78 dollars into 5483 in revenue

Ad Target Drill Review

Ad Target Drill FEATURE :

Ad Target Drill OTO / Upsell :

OTO #1: Done For You
Done-For-You for 5 High Converting offers, which includes:

  • Review pages
  • Review videos
  • Bonuses
  • Everything you need to set up your campaigns
  • Landing page, emails, targeting (keywords or audience)
  • FB ad Images

OTO #2: Sell The Skill
3 coaching sessions with us and how to sell this to offline businesses

You will learn:

  • How you can sell the complete system to others
  • You’ll get to know how you can implement the system for others and charge them $197-$497

OTO #3: 6-Fig Coaching Program
6-fig coachinng program, where you will:

  • Work directly with us
  • Ask any questions you might have – live
  • Sell to Offline Businesses and Bank 297-997 per client!

Ad Target Drill Benefits :

  • 3 figure profits from $10-20 ads in 24 hours
  • 97% of marketers don’t know this secret
  • Eye-Popping Real Proof
  • NO need to build an email list
  • No Software or Tech Skills Necessary
  • Completely Newbie Friendly

Ad Target Drill Testimony

“I made a couple of hundred bucks in few days and still making!”
“The AdTargetDrill is truly exceptional step-by-step training, where you’ll get everything you need to get Buyer traffic for FREE and after that set up remarketing campaigns with Google Adwords. I personally used instructions about remarketing and have made a couple of hundred bucks in few days and still making. For sure AdTargetDrill is a course you’ll be very glad you took. Highly recommended!” – Marina Zdravkovic

“Get High ROI”
“It takes real hard work to generate your first $ online and the harder than that is to get high ROI. Ivana made it possible with these 2 traffic strategies. The low cost traffic techniques explained inside the Ad Target Drill works and gets you laser targeted traffic.” – Mayank Goel

“Breath of Fresh Air”
“Ad Target Drill is a welcome breath of fresh air. Ivana and Ram have introduced a surprising new twist on a proven method for driving traffic which has the capacity to produce a fantastic return for your ad spend dollar. Ad Target Drill will show you how to drive FREE buyer traffic to your offer as well as paid, how to retarget your prospects with your offers, and the best thing – it’s all hands free once set up. Who could want more? And to top it all they include a real life case where they turn $42 in a whopping $5k+. If you can read English and use a computer can do this, and I seriously recommend you grab this right away and get your campaigns set up.” – Paul Henderson (

“The training is awesome”
“I just wanted to do a quick testimonial for AdTarget Drill. I was able to purchase this product, And I’ve been experimenting with the training, the training course its awesome and im super pleased with the product. If your brand new to affiliate marketing, you’ll want to learn the skills of doing retargeting the way Ivana does it, because this is going to allow you to get massive targeted buyers traffic. To your videos and landing pages, it’s a unique method that no one else is showing and the training is awesome” – Anthony Rousek

Ad Target Drill Features :

  • Get instant approval to promote 3 best selling affiliate products of 2018, even if you have zero track record
  • Learn how to intercept a stream of FREE traffic that’s full of genuine buyers
  • Learn how to send buying traffic to affiliate offers, or your own products, at just $0.01-0.10 per click, using Google AdWords, which turn 2 digits ad costs into 3 figure profits within 24 hours. We’ll even show you how to get $75-100 free ad spend just to get you started. Stop throwing away hard-earned money at risky paid traffic – Start small and then rinse and repeat for zero risk profits
  • No time-consuming, long-winded course – just go through my simple, step-by-step video & PDF blueprint
  • Almost zero upkeep once you’ve set up your automated cash machines – this is true passive income
  • Extra income stream! Remember, 97% of marketers don’t know this traffic strategy – I’ll show you how to make insane profits by offering your ‘magic’ traffic generating skills to OTHER online business owners
  • Extra income stream! I’ll show you how to charge top dollar by offering your traffic generating skills to offline clients, such as local restaurants, dentists, realtors and more

Your Days Of Struggling Online Are Finally Over

  • Never again stuck in the rat-race, listening to your boss drone on, tired of your life not being your own…
  • Never again feeling completely bewildered as a newbie, not knowing where to start with all the different methods and courses out there…
  • Never again feeling frustrated with the lack of consistency when making money online, so you can finally pack in that mind-numbing 9-5
  • Never again feeling constantly tired from working 50+ hours a week, just to keep the wheels turning
  • Never again falling for shiny objects that are just scams that drain your wallet
  • Never again spending a ton on paid ads, fearing that you’ve just thrown money down the toilet

Here’s What You’re About To Receive:

Ad Traffic Drill ‘Paint-By-Numbers’ Blueprint

Ad Target Drill Bonuses :

Bonus #1. Case Study: “$41.78 Into $5,483 In Sales”
I hate fluff and I hate courses full of boring theory. Which is why Ad Target Drill is a short, concise, practical course that you can implement immediately, whether you’re a complete newbie or an online veteran. But it always helps to see things in action. Here’s my step-by-step case study detailing exactly how I turned $41.78 into $5483 in sales using the exact same retargeting hack you’ll discover in Ad Target Drill. Just watch over my shoulder, rinse and repeat!

Bonus #2. Ad Target Drill Checklist
If you’re a newbie, even the simplest strategies can become confusing and overwhelming. Even something as simple as needing to take some time out could mean you lose track. I want you to go from a standing still position to making a full-time job replacing income, in the fastest time possible. Which is why I’ve created this extremely handy checklist, so you can stay on the right track to success.

Bonus #3. Ad Target Drill Checklist
If you’re a complete newbie, often the hardest part is getting the ball rolling. No matter what you want to do online, you need traffic. But when you have no experience, spending money on ads to generate traffic is scary, especially as you could lose your hard earned cash, if you’re not careful. Here’s how I’m able to drive over 50k Facebook visitors to any offer I want…with ZERO budget. This is perfect for newbies starting out, and even experienced marketers who want to pour gasoline on their earnings

Bonus #4. Done-For-You ‘Money Page’ HTML Template
Setting up web pages and doing tech stuff can put off most people, especially if you’re a newbie. I don’t want there to be any excuses or obstacles that stand between you and success. So here’s my done-for-you HTML template that you can use to set up landing and squeeze pages in just a few clicks. This is the template I use to churn out money-making pages in minutes…literally.

14 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee. Download Now and Risk $0.00

If, for any reason during the first 14 days, you implement my techniques, show me proof of implementation (remember, I show you how to get your first ads up and running for FREE), and you cannot make your investment back, get in touch with me and you will get a fast, courteous and FULL refund. No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with Ad Target Drill or you get your money back.

Ad Target Drill : Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is Ad Target Drill?
Ad Target Drill is a super simple, copy & paste blueprint for making lucrative affiliate commissions on autopilot. It also works if you have your own products too. Together with guaranteed approval for 3 hot selling affiliate offers, and a step-by-step strategy to getting a flood of free traffic from Facebook, and Ad Traffic Drill is the ultimate money generating machine, for newbies and experienced marketers alike.

Q: How quickly can I make money?
Many of our students see results within 24 hours. Of course, you will need to follow our instructions precisely. But the great news is, because you get guaranteed approval for 3 high converting offers, you can start earning commissions instantly. Normally, especially if you’re a newbie, product owners will either not approve you to promote their offers (because of your zero track record) or put you on ‘delayed commissions’ for up to a month. With Ad Target Drill, you can start making commissions as soon as you are approved.

Q: How easy is the course to consume?
Ad Target Drill has been designed to be a no-fluff, to-the-point Video and PDF course. No hyped up, unproven theory. Just proven, actionable tactics that you can deploy immediately to make profits online

Q: How many retargeting ads can I run?
It’s entirely up to you! If you have a reasonable budget, you can set up several ads at once…the sky’s the limit! Remember, this strategy shows you how to spend just 2 digits on ads, and turn them into 3 digit profits in 24 hours. We also show you how to get a coupon code of $75-100, so you can test out the waters with zero risk. This means, if you’re a complete newbie with a tiny budget, you can generate traffic for free (step-by-step instructions given) and then start small with your ads, using your coupon. Plough in your profits and then scale up…it’s that simple!

Q: Who is Ad Target Drill for?
Ad Target Drill was designed to be for complete beginners. If you’ve never made a dime online, and even if you’re a complete technophobe, you’ll still be able to make money online using these simple tactics. However, 97% of online marketers are not aware of this ad traffic drill strategy. Which means they’re leaving piles of money on the table. Even if you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ll still get so much from Ad Target Drill!

Q: Does Ad Target Drill come with a guarantee?
We’ve personally used the tactics outlined in Ad Target Drill in our own businesses so we know it works! Which is why we stand behind Ad Target Drill 100%. That’s why you get a full 14 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not completely satisfied, just email us with your receipt, with proof of implementation, to and we’ll send you a full refund. In fact, the only way you can lose here is by NOT getting your hands on Ad Target Drill, and waiting for the price to rise, instead of grabbing it while it is at such a low fee…

GRAB Ad Target Drill HERE :

Ad Target Drill Review and Bonus by Ivana Bosnjak – Best New ad strategy that turned a simple $41.78 dollars into 5483 in revenue

Ad Target Drill Bonuses

Ad Target Drill REVIEW

This powerful step-by-step case study will show you a very simple method to turn $10-20 ad cost into 3 digit paydays…You can easily turn these set and forget campaigns into 4 figure paydays. With just 1 hour per day, you can make this work!

You can get started with zero budget. You can even offer this as a service and cash this way (no need to have a website). No need to have any technical skills whatsoever! Full PDF and video training…And it works in ANY niche!

GET Ad Target Drill HERE :

Ad Target Drill Review and Bonus by Ivana Bosnjak – Best New ad strategy that turned a simple $41.78 dollars into 5483 in revenue

Ad Target Drill Download

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