Supercharged Productivity PLR Review and Bonus

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review and Bonus by Edmund Loh – How Would You Like To Catapult Into The $20 Billion Industry And Growing

Supercharged Productivity PLR REVIEW

Supercharged Productivity PLR is a result of years of being in charge of a company and working with various types of people. The experience working with these people, along with different ways employed to bolster their productivity level, led to the creation of this course. In essence, it is an in-depth training program aimed at helping individuals and organizations become more effective and efficient by divulging insights into how to naturally tune them to increase their productivity. This is a product which will be offered with a complete Private Label Rights License. But more than that, productivity is a big topic in the personal Development niche and can be evergreen offer. This is a perfect addition to your product line-up. If you have no intention to resell, you can use this for yourself. The more output usually translates to more success rate. This creates the mindset of ‘fall 9 times get up 10’. I am proud to say my team embodies these qualities. But more than that, because there’s massive demand for personal and team productivity there is obviously a market for this…We’re Giving You The Private Label Rights License! Here’s Something Else You MUST Know…That Personal Growth products tend to sell longer without the need to frantically update the contents. Why? It’s longer lasting, more timeless and evergreen. Proof? We have been earning from promoting products in the market that’s been around for the last few years! With this product, you can sell for a long time to come. This is truly set it and forget it!

Do you know that being productive is one of the most important focus of any organization and CEOs all across the world? You see, everyone is obsessed with finding the next productivity tips and hacks in order to be more efficient and get more things done in less time. And that applies to us as well. Just imagine how much different your life will be today if you’re able to get more things done in less time…You’ll have more time to do the things you love, spend more quality time with your loved ones, have more time to travel and more…With Supercharged Productivity, you can do just that. It’s one of the best and most current thoughts and research that I’ve ever come across in the field of being productive. I gotta tell you, I was able to increase my productivity by almost 20% more with just one of the tips in this book.

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review

WATCH THE DEMO Supercharged Productivity PLR HERE :

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review and Bonus by Edmund Loh – How Would You Like To Catapult Into The $20 Billion Industry And Growing

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review

Supercharged Productivity PLR FEATURE :

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • You’ll learn some of the best technique on productivity by productivity expert from across the world….
  • Several things you need to ditch immediately to be happy and become hyper-productive towards finishing your grand projects or goals.
  • An overall game plan to achieve maximum productivity and overtake everyone else on your road to success

Plus many more…

The premise of Supercharged Productivity isn’t just about how one can get more things done in a day. It’s about how anyone can

  • Accomplish purpose-driven, impact-delivering tasks in volumes
  • Create and maintain high levels of energy
  • Get more done in less time
  • And be committed to smashing goals

What You Get In This Package…

Component #1: High Quality E-Book In Word And PDF Format
You get the 86 page E-Book, totaling a number of 11,275 words. That’s a generous amount of content you’re getting! With the PDF E-Book, you can sell it as it is or read for your own. But with the Private Label Rights license, why stop there? You get the Word version of this product, allowing you to edit the contents, change the title, add your name or pen name, put in links or affiliate links, and more…

Component #2: Sales Letter And Thank You Page
To help you sell in the fastest time possible, I’ve written for you a sales page and thank you page that you can use right away. It’s not uncommon to spend at least a small fortune hiring a copywriter. And even if you try doing it yourself, writing a good copy can take at least several days. You save all these trouble by getting this ready to go sales materials – put in your order link or button, upload to your hosting account, and you can be in business by today.

Component #3: Professional Sales Video
Look at all the bestsellers on ClickBank and JVZoo and they have one thing in common: sales videos. So it makes sense to include a professionally done sales video to go with your sales page. This simple but powerful addon alone can drastically increase your sales manifold! And because it’s done for you, you don’t have to hire a videographer or do your own. The MP4 video, audio and transcript for this sales video is included.

Component #4: Full Graphics Set
You also get the Covers and Graphics to this product in PNG transparent background / JPG and also PSD (Photoshop Source Documents). While the Graphics have been done beautifully for you (as you can see for yourself) if you or someone else you know are familiar with Photoshop, you can also modify the Graphics to have your name, change the title, and even include your website address if you want!

Component #5: Instant Landing Page
Sure, you want to make money…but not everyone buys on first contact and that’s a fact. So what do you do with the rest of the traffic that aren’t buying from you on first impression? It would make sense to collect their names and email address first – so you can follow-up with them later! That’s why I am also including this Landing Page.

Component #6: Special Report In PDF And Word
The best way to get people onto your list is to offer a ‘bribe’ in the form of value content. In this case, it’s a special report that was written to be congruent with the main offer. This 22-page Special Report makes an excellent giveaway item or Bonus to generate leads and build your opt-in list! Like the main Product, you get the PDF version (to be used as-is) and also WORD version (to be edited and rebranded as yours).

Component #7: 4 Follow-Up Emails
What do you do the moment your visitor joins your list? Send the first email! Then the second, then the next…then the next…Everyday. The more emails you send, the more sales you can close. So I’ve taken the liberty to write you a starting set of follow-up email series to load into your autoresponder – and I suggest they go on a DAILY interval. Add your website / sales page link in, personalize the emails further if you’d like to…and be closing sales on autopilot!

Component #8: Private Label Rights License
For your convenience, additional Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights license have been created for you so if you want, you can pass any of these rights to your customers too! . . . But the Private Label Rights privilege remains only yours!

With The Private Label Rights To This Package, You Can:

  • You can use the digital course for personal use.
  • You can put your name or pen name on the product as the author
  • You can edit the contents, re-title the Product, add your own links and affiliate links.
  • You can repurpose the content into other formats – for example, you can repurpose them as e-books to sell to audience that prefer to read. You can also break it down into articles or viral special reports to build your mailing list!
  • You can sell the products – individually or in a package – at any price you wish. Remember…you keep 100% of the profits!
  • You can add the product into your paid membership site or as membership content.
  • You can use the product as a bonus to another product you are selling.
  • You can sell through dime sale…
  • You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights – together or separately – to the product and sell at a higher price!
  • You can use parts of the product to give away to build your mailing list!
  • You can change and publish the products offline – examples include physical book, Kindle, home study course, DVD, seminar material
  • And much more within the terms…

Supercharged Productivity PLR Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1: Video Tutorial On How To Brand And Setup This PLR Product
  • Bonus #2: “How To Get Into The Personal Development Niche” Video Training

GRAB Supercharged Productivity PLR HERE :

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review and Bonus by Edmund Loh – How Would You Like To Catapult Into The $20 Billion Industry And Growing

Supercharged Productivity PLR Bonuses

Supercharged Productivity PLR REVIEW

Do you want to know the greatest difference between CEOs as compared to average human being? It’s productivity. They are massively productive in getting things done. And that’s how they are able to tackle big problems and take their organization to the next level, and to the next and so on…As for the average human, most of them are usually stuck with problems and they do not even take the first step towards solving them. Hence they are stuck in a constant loop of more problems and little to no improvement whatsoever in their life. But all that can change overnight with Supercharged Productivity. What Supercharged Productivity can do is it helps people to get unstuck and take their first action towards changing their lives, and soon after, teaches them the technique to go TURBO (which mean they will learn how to take more actions and be more efficient in getting things done). This is not a gimmick. It’s simply rocket science, proved by science and countless scientific research but distilled in a way that anyone can easily understand.

If you feel like your life isn’t working out the way you expected it to be, do not worry. Everyone will have those stage in their life. Even the world’s top CEOs have their down time. And it’s okay to feel that way, but it’s not okay if you dwell on it for too long without taking any action whatsoever. You see, people are hardwired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. It’s in our DNA. We are born that way. And that’s how we survive as a human species. But most people don’t have real strategy to change their life, and for most people, these strategies are just not available to them due to various circumstances. However, you are fortunate to have the chance to take the first step towards changing your life for the better and shorten the time to get there with Supercharged Productivity. Have you seen my previous emails on this amazing guide called Supercharged Productivity? It’s one of the most complete and comprehensive productivity hacks that I have ever come across in my life. And I gotta tell you, just one of the tips has improved my productivity literally overnight. And now I’m able to do more things in less time and spend more time to do other things that I love. It’s not gonna be up for long so be sure to check it out before the offer expires.

GET Supercharged Productivity PLR HERE :

Supercharged Productivity PLR Review and Bonus by Edmund Loh – How Would You Like To Catapult Into The $20 Billion Industry And Growing

Supercharged Productivity PLR Download

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