OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review and Bonus

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review and Bonus by Ben Murray – Upgrade to Reddule Platinum unlock more time saving, traffic boosting features for serious, long-term users

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum REVIEW

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum includes more features including Reddule AutoBlog upgrade, ability to find unlimited videos, schedule more posts, and far more. So, if you’re one of those users interested in using Reddule to its full potential with more cutting-edge features and uncapped restrictions to get results 10x faster than normal customers.

The exact same technology that’s allowed us to take decent Reddule campaigns and double the amount of engagement, traffic, and ROI from them in the same amount of time.

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review

WATCH THE DEMO OTO 1 Reddule Platinum HERE :

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review and Bonus by Ben Murray – Upgrade to Reddule Platinum unlock more time saving, traffic boosting features for serious, long-term users

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum FEATURE :

In fact, Reddule Platinum has helped directly contribute to building a big responsive email list here:

  • And was key in helping us generate $39,091.47 as part of a 5 day marketing campaign:
  • So, you’re getting access to everything that was offered as a part of Reddule Commercial, plus essential features to put Reddule on steroids like:

Reddule Autoblog Software

With this software you can have AI (artificial intelligence) write your WordPress posts for you by creating an auto blogging system that uses Reddit as a content source. Our intuitive, easy-to-use system allows you to create a web page full of exciting items like threads, comments, GIFs, videos and more directly from any public Reddit page that are rich in content and will bring in organic traffic. For the first time, curate already DFY content NOT found already on other blogs.

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Features :

  • Important any Reddit thread or comment as a post
  • Define how much and how often you want to curate the content
  • Text Spinner support – Automatically make any imported content 100% unique
  • Advanced import settings – import GIFs, videos, threads, posts, and more.
  • ‘Random Sentence Generator Tool’ (create relevant sentences as you define them, so your imported Reddit content is 100% unique)
  • Shortcode to include to your website custom feeds from Reddit
  • ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’ – Its purpose is to define keywords that are substituted automatically with your affiliate links, anywhere they appear in the content of your site.

But that’s not all…You’ll also get…

Unlock Unlimited Videos
With Reddule Platinium, your traffic potential is now unlimited. You can search and find unlimited trending videos to post. Never run out of viral content to build your Karma reputation and get traffic, too!

Unlock Unlimited Ideas
With the front end of Reddule, you’re restricted in the amount of content ideas and subreddit ideas you can store in the Reddule Archive tab. That means more stress and more wasted time thinking about what to post and schedule for every subreddit you’re subscribed to. But now, you can relax and store unlimited ideas for yourself, your clients, and your team to take the burden off creating content.

Add More Reddule Accounts, Schedule More Posts, and Track More Campaigns
These features will instantly double your traffic, if not triple it. Now you can schedule far more as posts per month for each Reddit account you have in Reddule. That means instead of capitalizing off of 2-3 subreddits, you can tackle 10-20 due to the ability to post more content related posts and traffic/lead posts. Plus, be able to add more accounts to make more money, and track more keyword campaigns for more traffic opportunities.

Outsourcer and Team License
Look, even with all the automation ability Reddule brings, it still requires time to know what to schedule and do the work setting up the posts. But, you can now put Reddule and your Reddit traffic on total autopilot with this feature and license for outsourcers to go in and handle everything for you.

Ability to Download Videos and Audios
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go through my courses and training while listening to them as I’m driving or multitasking…instead of sitting in front of a computer, bored.
Now, you can download the Reddule Traffic Training videos and audio files to listen anywhere you want.

Request Future Features
As a Platinum user, you’ll get to be first in line to have your ideas developed into Reddule. We’re planning on scaling this up big-time, and now you can have your voice heard and have Reddule customized to fit your business.


OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Premium Themes Compatible with Reddule Teachings
If you post only links to your sales pages or opt-in forms on Reddit, you’ll quickly get labeled as a spammy marketer. That’s why you must create an authority looking blog to post, and then capture the leads that come to your blog. Instead of investing $67+ into a premium, authority theme you’ll get two ready to go and install for you today. Having a blog is not an option, it’s a must-do if you’re actually planning on getting traffic all year from Reddit. So, instead of investing $67+ into a good theme next week, just get two now free.

Source Responsive Theme

Magnificent Blogging Theme

BONUS #2 – Social MetricsTracker
If you’re seriously going to use Reddule and get traffic from Reddit, you need to know what content is actually sending traffic from Reddit. Now you can with the Social Analytics Tracker software. See which content is best performing not just from Reddit, but also track Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google+, XING, and Flattr. A new dashboard panel is created called “Social Metrics” which shows how many times each post has been shared on various social networks, saving you months of time knowing what’s actually working and what’s not.

Plus, you don’t want to have to compete with Reddule Platinum buyers who already upgraded, do you?

  • Look, if you don’t get Reddule Platinum, you’ll have to compete against buyers who’ve gotten access in your niche and now have key advantages over you when it comes to succeeding on Reddit.
  • They can form relationships faster on Reddit subreddits, downvote your posts with the extra time they have, and even turn the subreddit against you if they know you’re competition.
  • The extra scheduling features, auto-blogging upgrade, heck, even the ability to consume the training faster is going to lead to a big advantage both time and money wise.
  • As we’ve said, Reddit is still untapped and unsaturated with no big brands, but once the more experienced guys finally figure out what’s happening… Reddit can possible turn into Facebook and become more difficult to get started on.
  • You don’t want to lose out on that opportunity and make more work for yourself later on, right?

Upgrade now before it’s too late!

Because we need to be fair to the early adopters of Reddule Platinum to let their campaigns stand out over others, we can’t allow everyone to get access at this price. That’s why we’re limiting who gets in by either raising the price or adding a monthly fee to use this powerful software soon. Good news is — for a very limited time, you can upgrade to Reddule Platinum for the lowest possible price — and secure lifetime access, with no monthly fees or hidden costs.

We’re Taking on All the Risk

Plus, if for any reason you get double the results or simply don’t want to use Reddule Platinum anymore in the next 30 days, just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund. The Reddule Platinum support desk is standing by to issue you a refund if you decide to exercise your risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum : FAQ

Are these features, trainings, and extra licenses really essential to my Reddule campaigns?
ANS. You don’t have to have these features to still have success with Reddule. However, if plan on running a serious business and value extra time and want to save significant money in the long run, then these features and training are really going to help. If you think about it, all you need is one sale of an affiliate product, your own product, or one little client to make up the cost…so it’ s really a no-brainer type decision if you’ re actually going to using Reddule.

Do I have to Buy the Front-End Version First?
ANS. Yes, if you did not buy the front-end version and somehow made it to this page accidentally and place an order, your account will not be created. If you have not bought the front-end version of Reddule please do so now, then come back here to upgrade.

I’ ll be able to think about it then come back to this page later when I’ m ready…right?
ANS. Sorry, but Reddule Platinum is really just a one-time-opportunity and the price will actually increase in a few hours. Plus, we will have to take down the page completely soon as to make sure the customers who bought get amazing results and give us great testimonials to add to our proof.

Reddule OTO Upsell Upgrade

Front End – Reddule Commercial
OTO 1 – Reddule Platinum
OTO 2 – Reddule Agency
OTO 3 – Reddule Viral Mobilio Special
OTO 4 – Reddule VidViral Special

GRAB OTO 1 Reddule Platinum HERE :

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review and Bonus by Ben Murray – Upgrade to Reddule Platinum unlock more time saving, traffic boosting features for serious, long-term users

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Bonuses

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum REVIEW

Upgrade to Reddule Platinum Now and Shave Off Months of Work: Again, you’re getting the same amazing technology and training regular customers got, plus the essential upgrades needed to shave weeks of time and build an incredible brand that gets viral traffic faster.

GO AHEAD NOW and secure your order before the price increases. Press the button below give yourself an upgrade and we’ll see you inside the Reddule Platinum special members area.

GET OTO 1 Reddule Platinum HERE :

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Review and Bonus by Ben Murray – Upgrade to Reddule Platinum unlock more time saving, traffic boosting features for serious, long-term users

OTO 1 Reddule Platinum Download

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