Local Ecom Profits Review and Bonus

Local Ecom Profits Review and Bonus by Jack Hopman – Best New way to install Local Ecom Sites for your clients in just ONE CLICK with zero tech skills or knowledge

Local Ecom Profits REVIEW

With Local Ecom Profits, you will become an instant master in setting up ecom sites, which will help you duplicate my success…Imagine having local business owners throwing $997-1997 checks at you day after day for helping them get setup. But why would they want this? The Internet is KILLING Local Business…Local businesses are suffering big time. People would rather shop online for the convenience and for the lower prices that usually come with purchasing products or services online. Why would they drive 20 minutes to a retail store, wasting the extra time, energy and money for gas…only to pay MORE for the same product? It’s not even about the price so much as it is about the convenience and the time. Even if the price is the same – most people would rather buy online. Period. If someone is looking for a specific product or service locally and they find it available to purchase online – they most likely will…No local business owner wants to lose that business. UNLESS they are the ones offering the ‘online option,’ of course. A local business without any online options for their customers could be losing thousands of dollars (or more) every month to their competitors! All you have to do is identify the local businesses that don’t currently have any online purchasing options, then let those business owners know that you can quickly stop the cash flow drain for them, for an affordable fee…And then get paid handsomely to set it up for them. When you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to get cash – up front – for this simple service and establish yourself INSTANTLY as a Local Marketing Expert!

How would you like a way to install Local Ecom Sites for your clients in just ONE CLICK with zero tech skills or knowledge needed? With this tool, you can simply enter the website information and then with literally ONE CLICK of your mouse, the Ecom website will be installed, complete with shopping cart system! You can sell the service for at least $197 to local businesses and up to $1,997 or more, depending on the size of the business and their specific budget and needs. (For example, they may want to add a lot of products, so you can charge a lot more for your service.). If your biggest problem has been getting clients, then, as a smart marketer, this is worth a small fortune to you…This really doesn’t require a long ‘sales pitch’…It’s a no brainer. When you solve problems for businesses, you can make a lot of money. Why would a business want an Ecom site? A Quick Story…Not long ago I had an interesting discussion with one of my long-time clients. We had done very well for him over the years but I sensed uncertainty in his voice. After some prodding, I discovered that what he really wanted to ask me was how to bring in more business. Now, that’s not an unusual request from any client, but what caught me off guard was when he went on to explain that he wasn’t talking about new business in the traditional sense – through the door – but by creating an online “store” of sorts.

Local Ecom Profits Review

WATCH THE DEMO Local Ecom Profits HERE :

Local Ecom Profits Review and Bonus by Jack Hopman – Best New way to install Local Ecom Sites for your clients in just ONE CLICK with zero tech skills or knowledge

Local Ecom Profits Review

Local Ecom Profits FEATURE :

Local Ecom Profits OTO / Upsell :

FE :

  • #1: Local Ecom Profits gives local marketers the ability to create full ecom solutions for local businesses in just 1 click.
  • #2: You can collect one-time payments to set it up AND recurring payments to maintain it for clients.
  • #3: This tool allows you to set up ecom solutions for local businesses in 1 click.

OTO 1: Sales Dynamite Jack – Lead Finder Jack: Cloud Based
Now that it’s CLOUD-BASED, it works for both MAC and PC (giving you a lot more potential buyers now that it works for MAC)…It also works much FASTER now that it’s cloud-based, using Amazon web servers. Sales Dynamite Jack is a money-making machine! This program allows you to build websites in 1-click for local businesses, and it also is a powerful prospecting tool. It’s a PERFECT FIT for the Front End product, because it allows you to locate businesses that need an eCommerce website. Now finding clients that desperately need help is easier than ever!

  • #1: Create full websites in under 5 minutes, in 1 click (in over 280+ of the hottest local niches)
  • #2: Locate businesses that need an eCommerce website
  • #3: And MUCH more…

With this OTO, buyers of the front-end can immediately start prospecting and finding clients from DAY ONE!

OTO 2 – ECOM Biz-In-A-Box

  • #1: Professional Looking ECOM Client Getting Website
  • #2: One Click Install!
  • #3: Get Paid Automatically
  • #4: ECOM WEBSITE Will Get Installed Automatically!
  • #5: All Automated – Payments And Installing

Local Ecom Profits Benefits :

  • Start Earning TODAY!
  • No Experience Needed
  • Literally 1-Click Easy
  • No Tech Skills Needed
  • No Programmers Needed
  • No Email List Needed

Local Ecom Profits Bonuses :

BONUS #1: How to Get Local Clients
Learn how to get local clients fast and easily with this training guide that is included as a bonus with your purchase today…

BONUS #2: Exclusive Member Training
In addition to the training available to you as SSL Profit Member, you will also get access to our Exclusive Weekly Training as a bonus.

BONUS #3: Access to Jack “The Don” Facebook Group
You get FREE access to our Exclusive Private Facebook Group, where you can connect and network with like-minded Business Owners, plus get answers to your most challenging business questions. You will be able to participate with other members, receive tips and get important notifications.


If you don’t like how this program works, or if you try it and don’t make money with it – you can get a full refund within 30 days. Therefore there’s absolutely ZERO RISK to you and a lot to gain (a new money making method that allows you to easily find hot leads in seconds).

Here’s what you get:

  • #1: Local Ecom Website – Installs in just 1 click on your or your client domain.
  • #2: BONUS #1: How to Get Local Clients, 72 pages
  • #3: BONUS #2: Exclusive Member Training
  • #4: BONUS #3: Access to Jack “The Don” Facebook Group

Local Ecom Profits : FAQ

Q How long is this offer available at the current price?
Today’s special discounted prices are available for a limited time. Pricing will increase to regular prices after this special promotion period ends. Don’t delay — buy today to take advantage of this special discounted pricing.

Q Do I need any technical skills?
No, this is Literally 1-Click Easy. Everything get done for you in a matter of minutes

GRAB Local Ecom Profits HERE :

Local Ecom Profits Review and Bonus by Jack Hopman – Best New way to install Local Ecom Sites for your clients in just ONE CLICK with zero tech skills or knowledge

Local Ecom Profits Bonuses

Local Ecom Profits REVIEW

What he envisioned was a website where he could offer his current line of products and services to online shoppers, and even add additional product lines. He saw this as not only bringing in online sales, but also being a major benefit to his offline business. What he described is what we normally refer to as an E-Commerce storefront. For most local business, the thought of taking their business online can be quite frightening. They already know they would never be able to directly compete with the online giants like Amazon and now Walmart and other large retailers… But what most local businesses have not considered and are finally beginning to realize is just how much more they could do if they were able take their current products (or services) and offer them to an online audience. Just the thought of building a website capable of doing e-commerce can be overwhelming to say the least. That quickly leads many of them to give up on the possibility altogether. In fact, most local businesses believe they cannot begin to compete online. They have no idea how to showcase their multiple products and/or services that their business already offers and have no idea where to begin to build an e-commerce website that is pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain. Today, this product is a game-changer for local businesses. Now, whether you are a local merchant or the marketer that assists local merchants and retailers, you will be able to provide what many other local marketers can’t – an opportunity for your local client to compete for the growing e-commerce profits with their own commercial website. We have designed a system that makes it easy to install e-commerce websites for businesses, ready to showcase any products and services they already offer and giving them the opportunity to now offer them anywhere via the online marketplace.

Are you ready to start getting clients TODAY and providing them with an E-com site? Think about it, if you can install an E-com website in just one click — how many clients can you bring in this week? How about this month? (Do you see the potential?). Here’s the deal…This is a HOT offer, and the price is rising with every sale…Don’t hesitate. Secure your copy now and start installing sites in just 1-click. (You can even create ecom sites for yourself if you want!). So what’s the catch? Here’s the deal. I want you to be able to make some of the easiest money you’ve ever made as a local consultant…The more people who are able to use my tools – the more the word will spread about my products and services…and that is my goal here. Therefore, I’ve priced this at an extremely affordable number. Ready to start profiting? This is your chance to FINALLY make money as a local consultant and start having some of the easiest paydays you’ve ever experienced…Nothing beats making quick cash while making a business owner extremely happy, helping people and doing it all in 1-click…Pick this up today while it’s still in the special launch discount pricing period and claim your fast-action bonuses while you’re at it.

GET Local Ecom Profits HERE :

Local Ecom Profits Review and Bonus by Jack Hopman – Best New way to install Local Ecom Sites for your clients in just ONE CLICK with zero tech skills or knowledge

Local Ecom Profits Download

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