Lead Caster Review and Bonus

Lead Caster Review and Bonus by Chris Beatty and Tim Branyan – Best New automated Client Getting System software, generate leads and get results for a local business

Lead Caster REVIEW

Lead Caster taps into an automated method for reaching out to hundreds of business at a time. Think about prospecting as a numbers game. If you had the ability to put your marketing message in front of 200 TARGETED businesses every single day…I think you would agree that there’s a much higher likelihood of you landing a client in that scenario vs. putting your marketing message in front of say…2 targeted businesses every single day. The question is, how do you do that effectively both from a cost and time standpoint? I’ll get to that in a minute. I used this method prospecting in just SIX different cities and it was like throwing rocket fuel on the growth of my marketing agency! This single method gave me the boost I needed when first starting out to be able to finally kick my boss to the curb! Earlier I mentioned how this would get you more clients than you could handle. I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t have the ability to handle 217 new clients when I was a one man marketing agency. I literally had to turn down over 100 clients because I simply couldn’t handle them and frankly didn’t want to! Don’t think that’s a bad thing. That is literally the best problem to have in business.

You’ll be amazed how liberating it is and how confident you’ll be when clients need you more than you need them! “But Chris… I suck at sales and even with this amazing opportunity, there’s no way I can land new clients” Well, I thought you might say that! (Total B.S. by the way). And lucky for you.. I don’t suck at sales and I know exactly how you can close these clients. You see, sales really isn’t hard if you know the right strings to pull and you know exactly how to craft a sales pitch that get’s business owners excited. Done the right way…they’ll be CALLING YOU begging for your help! Selling to people that are asking to be sold is EASY! Since we know that MOST business owners need the exact same thing, we can use that to our advantage! That’s why we created Lead Caster! We use the language that small businesses owners want to hear about (MORE LEADS, MORE CUSTOMERS) combined with various local marketing services to flood YOUR AGENCY with inbound leads. Sound good? That’s right, not only do we teach you how to craft your own voice broadcast script to generate inbound leads for any marketing service…Now you have a head start to take the entire strategy that we teach you and instantly go out and start generating leads with these six proven scripts. This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Land New Clients CONSISTENTLY! Sure you could send out thousands of voice broadcast messages with little or no results, and possibly never get it right.

Lead Caster Review


Lead Caster Review and Bonus by Chris Beatty and Tim Branyan – Best New automated Client Getting System software, generate leads and get results for a local business

Lead Caster Review

Lead Caster FEATURE :

Lead Caster OTO / Upsell :

  • FE : Lead Caster
  • OTO 1 : 6 D4U Sales Funnels
  • OTO 2 : Agency Suite Trial

Here’s what we know about local business owners!

  • All business owners want more qualified live phone calls coming into their business on a daily basis.
  • All business owners know they need the “online” marketing services you offer

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you invest in Lead Caster Today!

Your Lead Caster Inbound Lead System Includes…

  • Agency Income Blueprint – This video will breakdown exactly what you need to achieve your income goals in your local marketing agency! Learn all the important metrics you need to measure for effective prospecting!
  • Lead Caster Offer Strategy – This is a detailed explanation of the exact way you need to structure your marketing services to not only close as many new clients as possible, but also build a consistent recurring income with less stress!
  • Voice Broadcast Structure – This video will break down the exact formula you need to create a voice broadcast message that will actually get responded to. Not only do we want to give you proven scripts, we want to teach you how to write your own. You’ll learn how in this video!
  • The “Stealth” Broadcast – Most marketers that have tried voice broadcast as a prospecting method have failed miserably. This video explains the “stealth” broadcast technique and why it absolutely crushes at getting business owners to CALL YOU back. This method alone is how we are able to generate HUNDREDS of inbound leads for our agency!
  • Lead Caster Action Guide – This two-part action guide will go more in depth on the stealth broadcast method. In part two of the guide, you’ll learn in detail how to get a local business to REQUEST a call back from you. Using this system, you will generate more call backs than you can likely handle. So it’s important to set things up the right way to handle the volume of inbound leads you generate!
  • Lead Caster Prospecting Sequence – Using voice broadcasts is one marketing channel to reach potential prospects through. That said, it would be silly to not recognize there are others. When combined, you have a lethal prospecting system that will create an overflow of inbound leads. This system makes 15 contact attempts in 21 days. The money is most certainly in the follow up.

During this special launch of Lead Caster, you’re even getting SIX proven scripts to sell your marketing services.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our “Money Where Your Mouth Is” Guarantee
Use Lead Caster to prospect for new clients for a full 14 days just as I show you. If you don’t generate any inbound leads for your marketing agency, I’ll happily refund every penny! This works 100% so I know you are going to get results if you use it! If you’re a serial refunder who buys and immediately asks for a refund without doing anything with the product, please move on and save us both the hassle! We are here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions at all, email support@agencyinsiders.co and we’ll help you to the best of our ability!

GRAB Lead Caster HERE :

Lead Caster Review and Bonus by Chris Beatty and Tim Branyan – Best New automated Client Getting System software, generate leads and get results for a local business

Lead Caster Bonuses

Lead Caster REVIEW

You could definitely waste hundreds of hours on trial and error figuring out exactly what needs to be said in your message to actually get someone to CALL YOU BACK. But why waste all that time and money you probably don’t have or want to spend? Why on earth would you do that? I’ve already done the hard work for you by sending thousands of messages, taking hundreds of inbound leads, and closing more than seven figures worth of marketing services. Now, you get the shortcut on Time and Money and Experience from someone in the trenches! I know that time is your most valuable asset because it’s the only thing in life we can’t get back once it’s gone! But, I know you care about the almighty pocket book. So let’s talk about money for a minute! Have you ever felt like you were “missing” something when it comes to building a successful marketing agency? You’re not alone! You see, we get so wrapped up in all the strategy around getting results for our “future” clients, that we forget to actually GET A CLIENT! It’s not that you don’t know you need clients to pay your bills. Most people find it a little scary or they just don’t know where to start. What if you had a system to generate unlimited INBOUND leads? I’m talking about businesses calling YOU for a change! How great would it feel to have potential clients inquiring about your services without you having to hard sell them? That’s all possible using this system. If you need a way to finally land paying clients, this is for you! Don’t miss it!

A system like this one that is proven to produce clients at a rate that is hard to keep up with. This is the perfect way to put your marketing message in front of HUNDREDS of potential prospects on a daily basis. Can you imagine how nice it will be to see your client list growing DAILY because you are taking consistent ‘client getting’ action? It’s a great feeling that I want you to experience! It’s one thing if you can go out and generate leads for a local business. Generating leads FOR YOURSELF is another ballgame. I always find it amusing when someone is an expert at generating leads for a local business but can’t generate any for their own business. This is a simple system for generating leads for YOUR agency! Using this exact system, Chris generated more than 217 leads for his business. Imagine putting your marketing message in front of hundreds or thousands of business owners every day! Now imagine having hundreds of them calling you wanting to know more about how you can help. At the end of the day, if you can’t get a client…you don’t have a business. Using this inbound agency leads system, that will no longer be a problem! No more excuses for not having a six figure marketing agency! Now That We’ve Put All The Risk On Our Shoulders…What Are You Waiting For? Go ahead and click the buy button below before we come to our senses and raise the price to what it should be!

GET Lead Caster HERE :

Lead Caster Review and Bonus by Chris Beatty and Tim Branyan – Best New automated Client Getting System software, generate leads and get results for a local business

Lead Caster Download

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