Syndicurate Review and Bonus

Syndicurate Review and Bonus by Engageleads – Get Free Website Traffic by Curating Viral Videos and Build Your Very Own Sustainable Income Generating Site

Syndicurate REVIEW

Syndicurate A powerful WordPress plugin that gives you the authority to build your very own viral website by curating trending videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

By adding API settings, Syndicurate searches the entire YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion list depending on your parameters to give you trending videos, videos with the most likes and engagement from customers. Videos with huge engagements easily attracts traffic from searches and gives you free visits and leads without spending a dime on advertising. Continue curating viral videos to attract more site visit and let the power of e-commerce to take over!

Syndicurate Review


Syndicurate Review and Bonus by Engageleads – Get Free Website Traffic by Curating Viral Videos and Build Your Very Own Sustainable Income Generating Site

Syndicurate Review


Syndicurate FEATURE :

Syndicurate Benefits :

  • Easy Set-Up Risk-Free Income Generating Viral Website
  • Auto-Generated Blog Pages for Each Viral Video Post Curated
  • One-Time Setup with Long-Term Income Benefit

Syndicurate is Your Very Own Powerful Income Generating WordPress Plugin

Curate Videos with SUBTITLES as a Post
Add videos to your very own professionally designed WordPress website from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Easily search trending videos and add them with few clicks. Choose any type of videos for your website niche and add its subtitles as post on the very own dedicated blog page.

Filter Videos You Want to Add to Your Site
Choose videos you want to be searched and added on your website. Once you are on your Syndicurate plugin, choose from what site you want to search. And enter your values to the search parameters such us Likes, Dislikes, and even Comment Counts. Our powerful plugin searches the site directory for videos that greatly matches your entered input.

Automatic related E-Commerece Products Below Post
Through Amazon, Clickbank and Ebay seamless integration Syndicurate automatically fetches relevant in-demand E-Commerce products and add it below the video post of you have selected and posted on your website. Syndicurate adds only products that are related to your video posts so you don’t have to worry about inputting them manually.

Adsense and Advertising Platform Integration
With your website’s viral marketability and increase in clicks and traffic, enabling advertising options is a viable source of income for you. We have dedicated sections where you can put ad placements from interested partners or ads for your very own product launches, webinars or other website platforms.

Automatic Content Generation
Syndicurate works with minimal supervision, you can set it up and only spend few minutes a week to check the progress of your website or ad contents manually. You can also opt to add contents automatically, by simply setting a keyword and posting schedule, the plugin can operate by itself fetching and posting contents that matches your keyword.

Automatic Posting on Social Media
Social media platform is a great tool for driving extra traffic your Sydicurate website. We have added social share buttons so you or your site visitors can easily share your viral video contents with just few clicks. Expect free traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to your website, and you can even grow your very own Facebook Fanpage with thousands of likes in a matter of week by posting viral contents only.

Advanced Content Spinning Feature
Your contents will be unique, no post will be the same with Syndicurate. With our added content spinning functionality, you will not only be getting good videos from website of your choosing but the captions and blog entries will automatically be spinned so you get unique hits that are good for your SEO ranking and could land you high on the rank on Google Searches.

Video Embedded Call-to-Action Functionality
Grow your list by enabling the embedded Syndicurate CTA function which you can set for your video posts. Collect your visitors email address and relevant contact details which can be used for product promotions and community updates.

Here’s a Recap of What You will be Getting with this Limited Exclusive Offer

  • Curate and add videos with SUBTITLES as a post
  • Curate from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion
  • Choose videos using filters like a) Likes b) Dislikes c) Comment count
  • Automatic related Amazon, Clickbank, eBay products below post
  • AdSense, other advertising platform integration
  • Automatic content generation – once keyword is set
  • Automatic posting on social media
  • Automatic content spinning for unique blog entries
  • Posts articles and videos on Facebook from dashboard
  • Lead generation through video CTA function

Try Syndicurate Today, Avail of Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

No risk involved! When you purchase your very own Sydicurate right now you will be entitled for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you like this powerful product, keep it and earn long-term income through viral video blogging! If you are not satisfied, which I doubt you won’t be, you can contact us on our support website and simply ask for the money back guarantee we are offering. It’s a simple and Powerful WordPress Plugin for everyone.

Syndicurate OTO Upsell Upgrade

Front End – Syndicurate
OTO 1 – Syndicurate Pro Developer’s License
OTO 2 – Syndicurate 5 Done-For-You Viral Syndicurate websites

GRAB Syndicurate HERE :

Syndicurate Review and Bonus by Engageleads – Get Free Website Traffic by Curating Viral Videos and Build Your Very Own Sustainable Income Generating Site

Syndicurate Bonuses

Syndicurate REVIEW

By integrating Amazon API, Syndicurate can automatically add relevant products on each of your video blog post. This would allow website visitors to purchase and give you profit through commissions!

Video blogging and video itself attracts huge engagements compared to images and purely text blogging platform. With the power of viral videos and trending clips you can easily create a huge number of following with weeks. These followers can then spread your blog contents like wild fire through several functions we have included just for you.

GET Syndicurate HERE :

Syndicurate Review and Bonus by Engageleads – Get Free Website Traffic by Curating Viral Videos and Build Your Very Own Sustainable Income Generating Site

Syndicurate Download

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