ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review and Bonus

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review and Bonus by Michael Formby – Now You Can Effortlessly Build your Own Custom WordPress Themes Without Coding

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler REVIEW

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler allows you to quickly and easily build there own unique WordPress Theme without ever having to mess about with code. You can build everything from bespoke blogs right up to full blown custom membership sites with the plugins you love (DAP, wishlist, etc), e-commerce stores & more! If you can imagine it, you can build it with ThemeMaker without ever hiring a coder!

Worst of All Your Competitors Can Use The Exact Same Design. Any of your competitors can easily look up the theme you are using and install it on their site. Ruining any efforts you make in creating an identity & branding for your own sites or your client’s sites. That’s the whole purpose of generating a website & no way to run a business right? With “Off The Shelf Themes” You Don’t Own The Copyright & Your Site Has Low Resale Value. Any commercially distributed theme design or template becomes public domain under the GPL terms & conditions which means you massively reduce your site value by selling something which many 1000 users are using already.

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review

WATCH THE DEMO ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler HERE :

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review and Bonus by Michael Formby – Now You Can Effortlessly Build your Own Custom WordPress Themes Without Coding

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review


ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler FEATURE :

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

Front Personal: Unlimited Personal – Front Agency: Unlimited Personal & Client Websites

Upsell 1: Agency Branding
This addon lets your customers brand Themeaker with their logo and company name, making it look like it was developed by them to clients.

Downsell 1: Unbranded Version
This addon lets your customers hide all of the Themeaker branding, so their clients don’t know it has been made with Themeaker.

Upsell 2: Turbo Build Booster Pack
The turbo build booster pack gives customers 3 options A) Content Build Block Pack  B) Frameworks & Training Pack c) Both Packs

Which is Why We Created Theme Maker!

  • You Can Create Professional Business Sites Like This…
  • Or Even Custom E-Commerce Stores Like This…
  • Or Video Blogs Like This…
  • Or Bespoke Member Areas Like This…

Get Total Control Of Every Aspect Of The Design Using Our Exclusive Design Features

Design Feature 1: ThemeMaker Template Creator

Make Any Page/Post/Template Exactly The Way You Want Without Restrictions
With a traditional WordPress theme you create your page and you select a template, they might give you a few options on styling but that’s about it. With the ThemeMaker Template Creator you can create your own completely custom templates and use them on any pages or posts you want, created and styled to perfection!

Design Feature 2: ThemeMaker Element Builder

As Well As Stunning Page Elements You Can Make Your Own Elements
With a WordPress page builder, they give you a pre made selection of elements for you to use and that’s it…Theme Maker Element Builder allows you to create your own completely custom elements made up of other core elements, that you can re-use over and over again when creating your design and drop in with 2 clicks of the mouse.

Design Feature 3: ThemeMaker Content Blocks

Save Heaps of Time By Using Ready Made Content Sections
With traditional WordPress themes and page builders you either have to modify the content areas they have created or create your own from scratch…With the ThemeMaker Content Blocks you can instantly add pre-made content sections in to your site quickly and easily so all you have to do is customize exactly how you want them to show. Want a row to show of your team? Drop in a content block row that contains all of the elements and just customize!

Design Feature 4: ThemeMaker Page Wizard

Drag & Drop Wizard Allows You To Visually Structure Your Pages, Posts & Templates Exactly The Way You Want
With traditional wordpress themes you import the demo and then have to dig through the sections you like and delete the ones you don’t just to get the basics of your page. With the ThemeMaker Page Wizard you can instantly create your pages exactly the way you want them to look by simply dragging the sections you like on to the page. Once you’re happy with how it looks just click GENERATE!

Design Feature 5: ThemeMaker Page Builder

Cutting Edge Page Builder Allows You To Build Eye Catching Content
Our page builder has been going for over 4 years and over this time we have refined it to perfection. Giving you the options you need to create perfect pages designed exactly how you want. From headlines to video mock-ups inside Laptops and Phones…Video backgrounds to sliding carousels. Navigation menus to embeddable pages it’s all there ready and waiting!

Design Feature 6: ThemeMaker Options Panel

Setup Your Default Colour Schemes, Typography, Sidebars & Social Media
When you start creating a custom design there is a few basics you want to setup as a default before you jump in. The colors you want to use so you can easily select these quickly and easily while building. The default font and size, your logo and more. With our powerful options panel you can do just that so you can jump straight in and starting creating without having to remember colour codes or keep doing repetitive tasks like setting the font!

Never Lose a Mobile Customer Again! Your Website Will Look Great On ALL DEVICES!

  • Create a Unique Experience For Tablets Mobiles & Desktop With Real Time Preview
  • Create Custom Navigation Menus
  • Create Universal Colour Palettes
  • Add Stylish Motion Elements, Custom Fonts & Fully Scalable Icons
  • Create Stunning Tabs & Accordions
  • Instantly Add Customisable Pricing Tables
  • Customize & Add Countdown Timers
  • Add Customisable Bullet Lists
  • Built For All Skill Levels
  • Newbies Can Use Our Fast Drag & Drop Wizard & Ready Made Content Blocks For Easy Building
  • Intermediate Users Can Use Pre Made Frameworks With Ready Content To Cut Design & Setup Time
  • As A Pro You Can Use Any Photoshop Design & Turn it Into a Fully Functioning WordPress Site

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Features :

  • Create bespoke WordPress themes
  • Build WooCommerce Stores
  • ‌‌‌‌Classy stand out animation effects
  • Unlimited color options
  • Includes crisp vector font icons
  • ‌‌‌‌Effortlessly create killer portfolios
  • 100’s of eye-catching Google fonts
  • ‌‌‌‌Add custom CSS & JS as you wish
  • ‌‌‌Super easy and quick to use
  • Effortless drag and drop builder
  • 10 ready-made themes included
  • Build unlimited custom designs
  • Sub 2 minute installation and setup
  • Lightning theme import and export
  • Automatic updates inside WP.
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom mobile & tablet experience
  • Scalable device video players
  • Live preview on desktop/mobile
  • Custom navigation bars
  • Build membership sites
  • Pricing tables, accordions & more
  • Make templates for WP defaults
  • Create custom post loops

Launch Special Offer…Get 11 Beautifully Designed Themes All designs have been created in ThemeMaker

Get The Company Site/Blog Framework That Allows You To Build Your Theme Even Faster!

Save Time Have To Design Sites From Scratch

No Guesswork, I Have Already Done All Of The Setup For You, So When You Edit The Pre Built & Configured Framework It Will Automatically Integrate With Your Blog, Posts Page, Search Page & More!

Get a Full Fledged Web Design Agency Theme

So You Can Start Earning Money Using Theme Maker

It’s a huge pain trying to setup a local marketing services website. You need to get content written, find images, then design it, create the pages and more. So I thought why not do all of this for you so that you can concentrate on getting clients. As you can see the design is stunning, its clean, very professional and follows the latest isometric design trend. The content alone on this website cost me over $1,000 to have written. This entire website, with images, sliders and professionally written content on a ton of services you can offer is yours FREE with your purchase of ThemeMaker!

Get Complete Over The Shoulder Training That Takes You From Newbie To An Advanced Developer!

I have been doing this along time andI know how to teach. I am not going to just give you the tools and let you get on with it. I am going to help you every step of the way with short concise videos Inside the training hub from getting to grips with the basics of WordPress, To creating a completely custom theme from a psd

+ I’ll Show You How To Get Free Social Traffic By Syndicating Content Automatically To & From Social Media

Why make extra work for yourself when you can automate posting videos from your Youtube Channel straight to your blog. You can auto-post any blogs entries to Facebook & Twitter that way you can keep getting social traffic on autopilot… I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

+ I’ll Show You How To Properly Speed Up & Secure Your Site

I’ll also show you the best ways to secure your site + make your pages load in seconds using recommended free & paid tools so you bolt down your security, improve your site ranking and give your users a better experience

100% Satisfaction, 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any stage in the next 14 days you’re not loving ThemeMaker by ProStyler (we’re sure you will!) after going through the training then simply shoot my team a message with the word “refund” in the subject line and I’ll quickly return 100% of your investment. Cancellations & refunds are dealt with by our support team.

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler : FAQs

Can I mass sell themes I create?
ThemeMaker has been built so you can build your own custom WordPress sites or clients. You can sell sites on a one to one basis you build with ThemeMaker. Bulk selling is not permitted under the Agency License. There will be an option in future to sell theme designs to our members. Please contact support for further information.

Can I Flip My Site sites I Create?
If your site is established then that is fine, but if you’re making a site that’s only real value is potential and your angle is a completely custom site then no.

I Am A Complete Newbie Will I Be Able to Use It?
I have been working with WordPress for many years, I’ve had many customers start with me who were total newbies. I am not interested in just giving you a tool and expecting you to run with it. I want to help you build a real skill and create the types of sites you want to build.

Can I Build Bespoke Themes From PSDs?
Yes all you need to do is slice it up and start building this is a fun process all of the templates you will see for Theme Maker above have been created from PSD files we get from our designers. For those who are a little more advanced wait till you see what you can do with our Post Loops feature!

Can I Remove The ThemeMaker Branding?
We have 2 options to allow you to do this with de-branding upgrade packs, one allows you to label the entire ThemeMaker system to your web design marketing business, the other allows you to just remove the branding and it is replaced with generic branding.

Can I Use This For Clients?
If you purchased the agency license then yes you can, we want you to succeed with our products and that’s why we have given you that ability up-front so with any purchase above your licence will also include agency rights so you can use it for your clients.

GRAB ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler HERE :

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review and Bonus by Michael Formby – Now You Can Effortlessly Build your Own Custom WordPress Themes Without Coding

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Bonuses

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler REVIEW

Therefore when to come to sell your site/business your offer is NOT a unique proposition… This is one of the 1st questions you get asked on site flipping sites. So all that effort of creating your web presence could be wasted. With Theme Maker You Get Everything You Need To Get Stated – Nothing Left Out. My Clients Make Real Money With My Products!…Learn The Most Valuable Business Skill That You Can Use For Your Business or Sell As a Service. Get Unrivalled Service From A Brand You Can Trust. Over 150 Five Star Reviews & 30,000 Websites. Our First Product… ProStyler Revelation is a theme we released almost 4 years ago, it is currently being used on over 30,000 websites, it is regularly updated with new features and our support team and massive community are always on hand to help.

In fact I asked my customers a few months ago who have been using it for years for there opinion on it…and over 150 left us a glowing 5 STAR Review…Now I don’t know many products that can get this a month after release never mind almost 4 years later! Over 150 Customers Rated Our Products: A Full Five Stars! The power to create completely custom bespoke designs is really what puts this product in another class. Its time to take your skills to the next level and forget about messing about with 100’s of different themes. Theme Maker is the only solution you need, I look forward to helping you start your journey on the inside.

GET ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler HERE :

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Review and Bonus by Michael Formby – Now You Can Effortlessly Build your Own Custom WordPress Themes Without Coding

ThemeMaker Agency ProStyler Download

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