FBComAzon Review and Download

FBComAzon Review and Download by Edwin Boiten – Best New WordPress Plugin That Selects Both The Best Amazon Affiliate & AliExpress Products, And Using The Viral Power Of Facebook Pages


FBComAzon is the perfect WP plugin for affiliates in that it manually or via scheduling, selects the bestselling/most wanted Amazon products in your niche, and posts them directly to your Facebook Pages in the form of powerful promotional posts; incorporating the viral traffic powerhouse that is Facebook! And for eCom marketers, schedule the best products from AliExpress (or your own) and display them on your new WP-hosted store…thanks to our WooCommerce integration; or on your Facebook pages! Created for WordPress users, FB ComAzon is a plugin that has everything you need to increase both your Amazon Affiliate and eCom sales.

“Amazon & eCom + FB Fan Pages = Best Way to Make Money As An Affiliate Online in 2018”. Each Fan Page you own can be turned into an affiliate income machine. Wouldn’t you like to do the work once and get paid over and over again? Imagine this…One Fan Page brings you $50/day in affiliate commissions. That’s an extra $1,500 per month in your pocket! Now, imagine you built 3 authority Fan Pages each making you $50/day in affiliate commissions. That’s $4,500 per month in your pocket! These kinds of results are absolutely possible leveraging our software to help speed the process up for you. Get More Sales With Less Effort!

FBComAzon Review


FBComAzon Review and Bonus by Edwin Boiten – Best New WordPress Plugin That Selects Both The Best Amazon Affiliate & AliExpress Products, And Using The Viral Power Of Facebook Pages

FBComAzon Review



Turn Fan Pages Into Easy Income Streams…Without Spending a Dime On Ads!

Upload & Install The Plugin To Your WP Site!

Select Your Products and Sync Your Fan Pages!

Post and Profit!

No More Excuses…You Can Do This!

FB ComAzon is your ultimate shortcut to creating multiple profitable FB Pages that generate FREE TRAFFIC and EASY AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS…24/7 even when you’re sleeping!

  • No More searching for products that will convert!
  • No More screwing around with flakey software!
  • No More messing with code to fix bugs!
  • No More blowing $100s on content!
  • No More back-breaking SEO or Endless Blogging!
  • No More hiring of expensive Virtual Assistants!


  • We’ve made this as easy as possible, but if you ever need our help, we’re here for you.
  • We pride ourselves on unbeatable support, around the clock.
  • And unlike other developers, we update our software to harness the latest technology because we want to make FB ComAzon the ‘no brainer’ solution to monetising FB Pages with in the future.

Your Purchase Is Fully Protected By Our NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee…

Plus you’re covered by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Try out FB ComAzon. If for whatever reason you feel it’s not for you, then just let us know and We’ll refund your money. That’s how confident we are that this will work for you.

FBComAzon : Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any tech skills or prior experience to make this work?
A: Not at all. All you need is a computer or laptop with internet connection to watch our training and start seeing results!

Q: When can I expect to see results?
A: It differs for each person. The quicker you implement our software, the faster you reap the rewards. It really depends on how much you want this to work for you.

Q: Is It Compatible With WordPress and WooCommerce?
A: Yes, This is a WordPress Plugin all you do is upload it and install it on your site and you’re good to go! And it’s fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Q: What Amazon Associates Countries Is It Compatible With?
A: This works for any Amazon Associate Country.

Q: Will this work in ANY niche?
A: Absolutely. Whether you’re in the natural health niche or the dog training niche, this will 100% work for you assuming you follow my exact steps. Period.

Q: Will this work with AliExpress or My Own Products?
A: YES!- this works with AliExpress and your own products, simple and easy to use.

Q: Are there any One-Time Offers or Upsells after I order?
A: Yes – currently we are offering a few of our upgrade packages at an amazing discount. Having said that, these are optional and will not prevent you from making this work. But we do recommend you taking advantage of them because they are of such great value.

Q: What if I have any other questions?
A: This rarely happens because of how “in-depth” my training is, BUT we are willing to answer any questions you have with our support email exclusive for members of the program.


FBComAzon Review and Bonus by Edwin Boiten – Best New WordPress Plugin That Selects Both The Best Amazon Affiliate & AliExpress Products, And Using The Viral Power Of Facebook Pages

FBComAzon Bonuses


The 2 Things you need to make your fan pages viral profit centers are: A Simple Way To Store Cookies On Every Link (90 Days Integration), An Easy Way To Add Personalised CTA Text. We get it, it can take a long time to find products and post them to your Fan Pages. It can also take you hours to simply upload products to your Fan Pages every single time you find them. Plus we are only human after all and you can easily forget to schedule your posts which could cost you hundreds if not thousands in lost sales. And the worst part about it. If you continue doing the ‘Old’ way of marketing you will soon be left behind. We’ve completely streamlined the process and made it simple and easy for YOU to turn this into your golden egg.

WARNING: THIS OFFER IS EXPIRING! FB ComAzon is going to be launched to the public shortly. For a limited time only, you can get LIFETIME ACCESS for the extremely low price below. This offer is only available during this period because we are currently collecting reviews and getting feedback on additional features you might want to have added. Once we’ve completed our prelaunch phase, this super low price will vanish forever. So, now is your one and only chance to grab your unlimited license and start cranking out hundreds of niche-related, monetised FB Pages, before it’s too late. Plus, this already super low price will start to increase every few hours, so act now to get the best possible price! Grab this now it won’t be around forever. Imagine if you could create multiple profitable Fan Pages…do you want to miss out on that? How would that change your life? How bad do you want the financial freedom for you and your family? Make the right decision and grab this money-maker with both hands!


FBComAzon Review and Bonus by Edwin Boiten – Best New WordPress Plugin That Selects Both The Best Amazon Affiliate & AliExpress Products, And Using The Viral Power Of Facebook Pages

FBComAzon Download


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