WP Crusher 2.0 Review and Download

WP Crusher 2.0 Review and Download by Robert Plank – Best New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 REVIEW

WP Crusher 2.0 is the Ultimate Guide to Setting Up & Managing WordPress, The Easy Way. If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed when it comes to WordPress or setting up your website in general, OR if you’ve fumbled around in the past and want to up your game, WP Crusher is the course for you. (Hint: you could take this course yourself OR hand it off to a virtual assistant.)

In just a moment, we want you to click the button at the bottom of this page, proceed through the online checkout process and claim instant access to the member’s area where we walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of WordPress…That includes not just setting up a new website if you don’t have one (can be done in under 3 minutes), but getting your site to a “starting point” fast (just the right settings, themes, and plugins), and finally, improving it with your own logos, graphics, links, and more. And that’s where we start with our WP Crusher digital course, delivered instantly.

WP Crusher 2.0 Review


WP Crusher 2.0 Review and Bonus by Robert Plank – Best New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 Review


WP Crusher 2.0 FEATURE :

The only problem with WordPress is that, while it is easy to use and can be modified to do anything and everything, you’ll get overwhelmed with all the possibilities if you don’t have a guide to show you the step by step process to:

  • setup and customize your blog’s look (design and colors), functionality (pop-ups, contact forms), content (journal entries, about pages, legal pages), and structure
  • simplify the process to narrow down the exact theme, settings, plugins and tweaks to get you the blog, hero site, magazine site, funnel, review site, sales site or affiliate site you deserve to have in your hands today
  • explain and show you the best practices, case studies, real-world examples, common stumbling blocks (plus how to overcome them), shortcuts, and workflows to get it all done
  • give you the exact information you need to create as many websites as you want, as many times as you want, as fast as you want, customized to any extent you want…no matter if you’re a tech geek or this is your first website

WP Crusher 2.0 Modules :

Module 1:Setup & Customize Your WordPress Website, As We Create a Real Site (In Just a Few Clicks) Right in Front of You
To start WP Crusher, we quickly show you how to grab a domain name, point it to web hosting, and on that web hosting space, install a WordPress blog. After those first few steps in the first few minutes, you’re using WordPress. That means you don’t have to FTP, upload or download, you don’t have to edit code AND you don’t need to know HTML (or CSS) unless you want to. Clicking around to edit and update your website. Freedom!

As you get the hang of your WordPress site, we’ll show you…

  • all around the WordPress dashboard and cPanel manager: check the uptime, health, and traffic of your site at any time
  • how to “trick out” your site’s settings and manage your content, so you can build out your web presence in just a few clicks
  • the best steps to getting your website looking the way you want it by adding your own logo, images, colors, tracking code, web apps, affiliate links, and more

Module 2:Content & Search Engine Optimization
Although WordPress is a “blogging” software, you can use it to create any type of website you want, even if that site doesn’t include an “online journal” component. You could create a site for yourself as an author, speaker, expert, magazine, vlogger, or even a local business — or setup a any client. Even if you’ve already used WordPress, you might be surprised at the new things you can accomplish with this web-based software while saving time in your business every single day. You’ll discover…

  • how to quickly load up content into your site and even drip content on a schedule with no additional plugins or add-ons
  • video tutorials and instructions showing you how to add any image, audio, video (YouTube or self-hosted), PDF document… any file or enhancement to your site, with zero uploading, in just a few clicks
  • click-by-click help to get your site’s structure (navigation) in place, offsite links as well as your sidebar
  • life-saving “search engine optimization” tactics and strategies to ensure you rank highly in the search engines, which means more eyeballs on your sites, and, more importantly, you rank higher than your competition

Module 3:Security, Speed & List Building
Don’t become another statistic, and DON’T let your website get hacked! But are you sure you’re completely safe? You certain you have everything in place to prevent that from happening? Are you staying up to date? Keeping the bots and bad guys out? Do you have “alarms” in place in case they do get in? What about backups in case your site is wiped out?

Many People Don’t Want to Consider the Worst-Case Scenario:That One Day, You’ll Wake Up to a Hacked Website!

That means the site is gone (possibly sending out spam using YOUR web hosting account) and any income, traffic, and search engine rankings from those sites might take MONTHS to come back.

Protect Against Hackers

Instead of crossing your fingers, wouldn’t it be wise to run your site through the same tools we do? I’m talking about keeping your site up to date, “hardening” and installing lock-outs.

Speed Up Your Site

As if hackers weren’t enough to deal with, search engines such as Google and Facebook are the “Gods” of the internet and any rules they decide to implement can drastically affect the future of your business. After all, haven’t you heard of online businesses failing because of a “Google-slap” or a sudden change in the rules? One “change” is this: Search engines want all websites to load quickly, within 2 seconds. That means if your site runs too slowly, you won’t rank highly and you’ll miss out on organic search regardless of what other techniques you try.

Don’t let search engines penalize you for slow speed and definitely don’t let the hackers in. Let us (Robert and Lance) demonstrate how to protect your site from hackers, comply with Google, provide a great user experience for your visitors (by loading quickly and being easy to navigate) in this module of WP Crusher where we:

  • Protect your site (“harden it” from hackers) to close common back-doors and brute-force robots (attempting to login with every possible password), THEN update it AND back it up in case something happens to it
  • Speed up your site (caching) so that it loads quickly and can handle thousands of visitors at a time — have you heard the rumor that “WordPress sites are slow?” The ONLY reason is because those WordPress website owners forgot to check a simple checkbox, and we’ll show you how to check that special box
  • Adding other guest users (such as virtual assistants), log your visitor searches (so you know what new content to add to your site), build a list (using email, Facebook Messenger and Chrome Desktop Notifications) and so much more

We believe that by the time you get to this point in your WP Crusher journey, you’ll have a new grasp on WordPress and what’s possible with your website. Things that may seem complicated or “technical” to others (your competitors) are actually time-saving and money-saving shortcuts for you. You figured out how to get what you want out of the software without falling down the “rabbit hole” of geek speak. And finally…

Module 4:Add-Ons & Resources
I just want you to know that while WordPress is free, very customizable, and very easy to use, its true power (and advantage over any other solution out there) is that over 29,000 WordPress plugins (add-ons) exist to do everything to your site from adding a pop-up, email capture form, quiz, job site, message board, anything you want!

But there’s a real problem…WHICH plugins are the best ones? For example:

  • When it comes to caching (speeding up) your site, you may have heard of: WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Quick Cache, Autoptimize, WP Rocket, Cloudflare, and others… so which one? There are over 221 pages of caching plugins in the WordPress directory
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) plugins… you may (or may not) have heard of All in One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, so which one is the best? (226 pages in the WordPress directory to choose from)
  • You may have come across similar frustrations when trying to add a plugin to handle 404 pages, off-site redirects, spam protection, security (WordFence? Sucuri? Bulletproof Security? All-in-One WP Security?) and more… there are so many plugins to choose from, you’re not sure if you should go with the newest, oldest, most recently updated? Will it even do what you want?

That’s exactly why WP Crusher gives you our list of recommended plugins PLUS how to use them. You’ll never again be left hanging, wondering, “WHICH contact form plugin? WHICH redirect plugin?” Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Help to add legal pages, an about page and contact us page…what text to add, which plugins to use, and how to get it all in place
  • How to protect your comments from spam and stop bots from slowing down your site
  • Make your site mobile responsive and add Google maps to your local business
  • Easily add tables (grids) and tabs to ANY WordPress web page in just a few clicks

Make sure you continue reading until the end of this web page, because you’re going to be SHOCKED at the price. We’ve been using WordPress for years in our business, and were one of the first people to create an info-product teaching WordPress specifically to internet marketers, nearly a decade ago.

GRAB WP Crusher 2.0 HERE :

WP Crusher 2.0 Review and Bonus by Robert Plank – Best New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 Bonuses

WP Crusher 2.0 REVIEW

It’s Time for “WordPress” to Become the “Free” Employee In Your Business That Never Quits or Calls in Sick…Think about this: if mastering the tool called WordPress means you didn’t have to pay a webmaster to run your site 24 hours a day (and wait weeks for changes you could make in ten seconds), or if it frees up the time (or money) for you to hire more employees, wouldn’t “WP Crusher” and its training be worth many times what you paid for it? We want you to finally have your turn and no longer MISS OUT on the amazing speed of implementation and expandability available to you with WordPress, which you can only properly use if you have a step-by-step guide showing you how. (Hint: trying to piece together “tips” from Facebook, YouTube, and message boards) does not count as a GUIDE and is a path to frustration. Instead of making those common mistakes, join WP Crusher right now to watch us create a site with you. We setup a real site for our real online business so you can follow along EXACTLY with what we do.

Congratulations (In Advance) for Joining “WP Crusher”…In just a few moments from now, you’ll be able to create (and run) a self-hosted WordPress site with the WP Crusher training course to help guide you. You are no longer “required” to know any coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or JavaScript — UNLESS you want to find out “just enough to be dangerous” and make extra customizations to your site. You also don’t need to know how to edit code or FTP. You don’t need to install ANY programs on your computer if you don’t want to, so this course still works exactly the same regardless of if you’re on Mac or PC. Best of all, by using WordPress, you’ll have 100% full control of your site and won’t be at the mercy of any “monthly service” that may choose to change their pricing or features.

GET WP Crusher 2.0 HERE :

WP Crusher 2.0 Review and Bonus by Robert Plank – Best New WordPress training By Mastering WordPress & Website Creation

WP Crusher 2.0 Download

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