IM PLR Firesale Review and Download

IM PLR Firesale Review and Download by Sajan Elanthoor and Justin Opay – The biggest PLR Firesale of 2017


IM PLR Firesale not only saves you money, but you get the chance to get 5 of the best-selling “Businesses in a Box” that these guys have ever offered with FULL PLR rights. This Firesale is DEEPLY discounted and includes 5 “Businesses in a Box” with FULL Private Label Rights.Not only that, but each bundle comes with EVERYTHING you need to start making money today.I’m excited to announce the upcoming launch of one of the biggest PLR Firesales of the year.Of course, I know when you think about PLR and Firesales, you’re probably imagining low-quality PLR products that will just end up sitting on your hard drive gathering dust…That’s not the case here.

Have you had a chance to check out the PLR Firesale that Sajan and Justin are offering?I’m actually surprised how much they’re giving for such a low investment.If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at this, you owe it to yourself to take a look now…Sajan and Justin are known for putting out some of the highest-quality PLR you can find, and they’ve basically bundled up their 5 BEST-SELLING “Businesses in a Box” and offered it in this PLR Firesale for the lowest price ever…If you’re tired of struggling to create a product or you’re looking for something else to offer your list, you can’t go wrong with this.Plus, it’s priced so low right now that you can easily make your tiny investment back with just a sale or two…If you’re looking for a surefire way to make a ton of money, this is it…You get everything you need to profit with EACH of these FIVE PLR “Businesses in a Box” bundles.…there’s so many ways to profit with this, it’s crazy.The only thing crazier is letting this deal slip through your fingers.

IM PLR Firesale Review


IM PLR Firesale Review and Bonus by Sajan Elanthoor and Justin Opay – The biggest PLR Firesale of 2017

IM PLR Firesale Review



IM PLR Firesale OTO / Upsell :

Front End : 5 “Businesses In a Box” With Full PLR Rights

  • Module 1: High Quality Marketing Guide
  • Module 2: Resource Cheat
  • Module 3: Mind Map
  • Module 4: Resource Report
  • Module 5: High Converting Sales Copy
  • Module 7: Legal Pages
  • Module 8: Full Set of Stunning Graphics
  • Module 9: 10 x High Quality Articles
  • Module 10: Banners
  • Module 11: Promotion Email Swipes
  • Module 12: 10 High Quality eCovers
  • Module 13: Social Media Images Pack
  • Module 14: License Pack

OTO 1 : Video Training Upgrade With PLR

  • Module 1: 10 Video Tutorial With PLR
  • Module 2: PowerPoint Presentation
  • Module 3: Voice Over Audios
  • Module 4: Ready Made Upsell Sales Page
  • Module 5: Legal Pages
  • Module 6: Hyptonic Video Sales Page
  • Module 7: Aff Page w/Swipes & Banners
  • Module 8: Promotional Email Swipes
  • Module 9: Professional Squeeze Page
  • Module 10: Give Away Report
  • Module 11: Full Set of Stunning Graphics
  • Module 12: Educational Infographics
  • Module 13: License Pack

OTO 2: ‘Done For You’ Setup And Installation
This is great for the customer that isn’t tech savvy or just doesn’t have the time handle setup of their 5 new “Business in a Box”.

Prifessional Setup Includes:
– Changing the name on all files
– Adding payment links
– Autoresponder integration
– Uploading all of the files to the customers hosting account
– Prevents the customer from procrastinating and not taking action


IM PLR Firesale Review and Bonus by Sajan Elanthoor and Justin Opay – The biggest PLR Firesale of 2017

IM PLR Firesale Bonuses


Did you checkout the PLR Firesale yet?If not, what are you waiting for?It closes tomorrow night at midnight Eastern time, and the price goes up again, for the last time in the next few hours…Don’t wait until tomorrow and end up paying more.Click the link below to take a look now…Right now, you can get 5 high-quality PLR “Business in a Box” bundles for what you would normally pay for just one…It’s a HUGE deal, and you can easily make your money back with a sale or two…Each PLR “Business in a Box” comes with everything you need to profit like crazy.They’re offering 5 of their BEST PLR “Businesses in a Box” for less than they ever have before, but the doors close tonight at midnight Eastern time.If you miss this, you will seriously be kicking yourself.This PLR is super high-quality and will quickly pay for itself.I don’t know what else to say.

The information publishing business is about to EXPLODE… More and more people every day are going online to invest in education.Products, courses, online training… you name it.And because of that, there’s never been a better time to own a product that right now!Unfortunately, creating a product of your own can take a lot of time, effort, and money if you choose to outsource it.Most people that start trying to create a product online end up failing and falling flat on their faces…Of course, you can still have your very own product to sell without having to do any product creation…“How?” … you may be thinking.Simple… Private Label Rights products or PLR.Sadly, most PLR is not worth the space on your hard drive…That’s why Sajan and Justin have been working hard over the past year to put together some of the highest quality PLR I’ve ever seen…Inside their PLR “Businesses in a Box” you literally get everything you need to start profiting as soon as today.You don’t have to worry about creating an awesome, in-demand product… they’ve don’t that for you… in fact, with this deal, you get 5 products for the price of one…Every single bundle comes with graphics, a sales letter, email swipes… you name it!Unlike most PLR out there, you’ll be blown away by the quality here.They’ve seriously spent THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours putting this all together.If you want to start kick off your online business with 5 awesome products that you can sell and make a ton of money with, click the link below now.

GET IM PLR Firesale HERE :

IM PLR Firesale Review and Bonus by Sajan Elanthoor and Justin Opay – The biggest PLR Firesale of 2017

IM PLR Firesale Download


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