Vidify Review and Download

Vidify Review and Download by Madhav Dutta – Make Viral Videos that spread like WildFIRE and make Thousands with in few days


Vidify is an advanced video creation software, where user can search trending videos, edit them, add voice over or audio clips and images by using simple drag and drop feature and publish them over their favourite social network.The software comes with a huge royalty free media library with more than 100,000+ stock videos and images in order to produce great video content which we call VIV- Viral Info Video. The user also gets an edge by recording video via webcam or just adding their own voiceovers in addition to the royalty free soundtracks. It also, lets a user capture Live Analytics and results. Track every Campaign, post and social network result so you can scale for maximum profits. It’s Simple! Video is the answer. Ability to create quick videos via a simple process is what all marketers are looking for and Vidify is here to give.

Vidify assists you by, with researching about your keywords, creating and scheduling Viral marketing videos and posts it across social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and get performance monitoring in analytics.When you share a great piece of content, you get some solid benefits.It’s no coincidence that some of the most profitable websites on the planet make money by sharing content. Sharing hot videos over trending topics brings viral traffic to your website and IT HAS BEEN A TRUST BUILDING GOLDMINE.

Vidify Review


Vidify Review and Bonus by Madhav Dutta – Make Viral Videos that spread like WildFIRE and make Thousands with in few days

Vidify Review


Vidify FEATURE :

Vidify OTO / Upsell :

Front End Vidify Basic

  • Search keywords to get suggestions and trending videos
  • Create Upto 30 Videos per month for 120 seconds
  • Create GIF
  • Get 5 Premium Video Templates
  • Add your Voice Over & Upload your own Video/Images
  • Download Videos of 720HD Resolution
  • Download 20 Videos per Month
  • 100,000+ HD Royalty Free Video
  • Over 1 Million Royalty Free Images
  • 20 Copyright Music tracks
  • 30 Awesome Video effects
  • Youtube Integration
  • Video Analytics
  • Link Social Media Accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ YouTube/ Tumblr)
  • Schedule & Share Videos on Social Media

OTO1 Vidify Ultimate

  • All Features of Vidify Basic+
  • Create Upto 100 Videos per Month for 15 minutes duration
  • Get 20 Premium Video Templates
  • Download Videos of 1080HD Resolution with 2GB Storage+S3
  • Download 40 Videos per Month
  • 100+ Premium Free Music Tracks
  • 100+ Awesome Video effects
  • Custom Video Editor (Do Webcam Recording, Add CTA & Get Embed Code)
  • Upload Your Own Watermark
  • Link Social Media Accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ YouTube/ Tumblr/Vimeo)
  • Add Upto 5 User
  • VIP Support

OTO2 Agency Lisence

  • All Features of OTO1+
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Get 150GB Storage +S3 (500MB per User)
  • Download Unlimited Videos
  • Add Upto 300 Users

OTO3 Vidify White Label

  • All Features of OTO2 +
  • Get 750GB Storage +S3 (500MB per User)
  • Add Upto 1500 Users
  • VIP Support
  • Get Reseller Rights
  • Get VIP Training

Vidify Features :

A keyword search tool:
Simply put your business keywords in Vidify search and get to know the trending videos in your domain all over the internet. Get inspired and ready to be creative hands-on with Vidify’s copyrighted video editor.

An Advanced Video Editor to Create 720p High Definition Videos
Use Vidify’s Video Editor to create upto 100 videos/month in 720p HD and schedule or post over your social network as per your liking. You also get an option to Download your videos. Get your videos the way you as you like – in terms of size, format and quality.

Add text/ effects or just use “Done For You” templates over your videos to make them magical
Simple drag and drop feature allow you to add and place text, Use over 100 effects by frames or simply pick up any of the given 5 templates to add magic to your videos.

Make SMARTER videos, not just videos:
As videos have proved themselves to be a great tool for conversion giving almost a hype of 300%. So, why not to add “CALL TO ACTION” tab giving your user a straight option to be counted as your traffic.

Advanced Analytics
Live Analytics and results right on the ‘Dashboard’. Track every Video for it’s performance and Analyze what videos are getting high attention from the users and going viral.

Simple User Interface
YES, Cutting Edge and Highly Intuitive User Interface and Experience. It’s So simple that would never be in need to watch tutorials even. Just a click and it all flows in a direction.

Link and share on your social media accounts
Publish or schedule your videos immediately on Facebook/ Pinterest/ Twitter/ Youtube/ Vimeo/ Dailymotion. With this, just download your videos in order to share over the other major platforms like Instagram and Linkedin and much more.

What’s MORE in Vidify… !

100,000 Plus Ultra HIGH Definition ROYALTY FREE videos
We have added more than 100,000+ keywords based ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION VIDEOS for you to choose from.All videos are commercially Licensed and Royalty free.

1 Million Plus Image inventory
Layover your creative videos with the collection of 1 Million+ HD images that come in Vidify. Enter any keyword and pick up a commercially licensed image to add in your videos.

100 free Commercially licensed Soundtracks
Let’s be honest, It is really expensive to buy soundtracks online. The free soundtracks available are not good enough to include in videos which are going to showcase your product, service or concept. Vidify comes with high quality “wav” files to give a great background and ambiance to your videos.

Multilingual Fonts
Use Multilingual Fonts to write in English, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, spanish, Italian and make a video for your custom audience. None of the available video making tools Offer this feature.

NO Watermark on your videos
Your videos are only yours. Add YOUR OWN BRANDING and let your users Know about your brand. You can use Vidify’s Advanced Video Editor to create an eye-catching and highly engaging video, but at the end, unlike other video editors out there, Vidify gives you the option to add YOUR OWN BRANDING.

Training and Support to use Vidify
Just go through the training videos to be familiar with the easiest “user- friendly” video making software or just ping our 24*7 available support desk for any query. Happy to help.

VIDIFY is the Ultimate Tool for you if you are an:

  • Internet Marketer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Facebook Marketer
  • Or any kind of Digital Content Creator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Video Maker or Marketer
  • Blogger

It’s time to face the facts

The Majority of the content consumption online is happening in form of videos directly on Facebook. Images, videos, information, news, and data…if it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen at all! That‘s a LOT of activity happening online.With the adoption of Mobile in Past years, especially From 2012 to 2014, mobile video views have increased by 400 percent. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. We’re exposed to thousands of marketing messages online every day. Most of them don’t even register. Internet users are becoming increasingly “blind” to banner ads; our minds ignore them on a subconscious level. Even if text-based content manages to catch our attention, it’s highly unlikely we’ll remember it for long or act on it

The big question is

how do you make your business stand out amid all that digital noise?
How does someone who is constantly bombarded with information, come across what you have to offer? The future has already arrived. 2016 has been a full-on video revolution year for marketers. According to statistics, 61% of businesses have incorporated video as a marketing tool and more importantly, 66% of these companies were not using video a year ago. This trend has progressed rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than we think. Videos have come up with a great solution for the marketers looking forward to achieve high traffic and conversions, ORGANICALLY. In metrics

Videos are the reason for 300% increase in your social traffic and 10x email marketing conversions.

Now repeat after me as I say this:ORGANIC IS AWESOME! That’s right! Organic reach is what’s boss on Facebook, and you can be the one holding up all the aces… if you do this right. And you’ve been doing it wrong for a long…long time. You achieve trust and viral status of your concept or information when you are in constant touch with your users, when you post your content regularly. when you don’t post regularly, your audience doesn’t know who you are. When they don’t know who you are, they wouldn’t trust you with their money. Do you see the downward spiral? What I’m going to reveal to you is the Golden Rule Of Facebook Marketing: Engagement & Outreach! That’s right…not keywords and not SEO. Just engagement and outreach. If you can engage the audience you have, you’re going to get an even BIGGER audience. Its That Simple! And Videos make it Much Simpler.

Vidify Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1 : Carvly Agency Edition
  • Bonus #2 : Lead Target Whitelabel Edition
  • Bonus #3 : Leadfunnel Agency Edition
  • Bonus #4 : Pindrill Agency Edition

Vidify : Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your offer limited in any way?
Yes, we have a limited launch for the first 6 days at this discount price. Post the launch period, we will increase the price and offer it to the open market.

2. Why would I choose your product over a competitor’s product?
Vidify does not have any direct competitor in the market today. There are some similar products but all of them fail to give an end-to-end solution to the user. Vidify does that in style with a very intuitive UI and UX, making it a pleasure to work with for both experts and newbies.

3. What if I try it but don’t like it?
We are only expecting ‘Thank You’ mails from our customers. However, just in case, you decide within 30-days of your purchase, that you’d like to return Vidify, we would be happy to refund you the whole amount that you paid. We want you to be happy with the tool! – that’s our primary concern. No questions asked!

GRAB Vidify HERE :

Vidify Review and Bonus by Madhav Dutta – Make Viral Videos that spread like WildFIRE and make Thousands with in few days

Vidify Bonuses


They spend a way too much time and money creating the content they’re supposed to be uploading at least twice a day. QUALITY MATTERS…Yeah! but if you’re so busy creating quality for the most, when will you find the time to upload and engage your outreach?And because this whole creating and posting video content is so research based, expensive and time-consuming, people just give up and most businesses go up in smoke…No matter what business you’re in, CONSISTENCY IS KING!If you’re not consistent enough with at least 3 engaging videos in a day, you’re Not Going ANYWHERE!That’s unless you have Vidify doing all the work for you! The ease of use with highly intuitive UI and UX allows you to create much more content than required and that too at NO EXTRA COST. Vidify’s advanced search scrolls the available “ROYALTY FREE” VIDEO/ IMAGE and SOUND inventory that delivers you viral images and videos you can include in your own videos and instantly share. Make your videos smarter by adding features like “ CALL TO ACTION” / “Embedding” to direct your users while they are engaged with your videos. They’ll see it, they’ll know who you are, and next time when you show them a Creative and Engaging Video , they are going to respond better.

Vidify is the all in one automated solution that your business is craving for right now! It does the work of a social media manager, communications executive and a business manager combined, and all that without all the hefty salaries and lackluster approach! Neither you have to spend huge amount over outsourcing people for making videos for your business.Nobody has time to read a lengthy written content unless it’s appealing to them giving them an extra edge over their present knowledge. Under all these situations, everyone is still pretty happy watching a video as it’s short, talks direct and involves just more than one out of five senses, watching and listening.YOU need to tap that emotion and turn it into PURE PROFIT!YOU just need to remind them that they can rise above their mess, go out and seize the day! That they matter and that they CAN!They want to carry that bit of you forward, so you are retweeted, shared, pinned or reframed, and that’ your cycle of trust building up. More and more people start looking at YOU to make their day great again. I’m sure you have shared many of the videos on your facebook walls that I am talking about.And because it’s YOU who make them feel so great day in and day out, every single day, when it comes to trusting someone with their hard earned money, they will trust, yes you got it right: YOU!I mean, Do You Even See The Opportunity Staring At You In The Face???AS Mentioned, IT’S A TRUST BUILDING GOLDMINE. To get you even more excited,76% of business say that video provides a good return on investment. Even though video production is not yet the easiest or the cheapest task, but it pays off big time.There’s no tool out there on the market today that provides an end-to-end cost effective solution for making videos and does that in style with an intuitive User Interface and User Experience so that even a newbie can create his first campaign in few simple steps.

GET Vidify HERE :

Vidify Review and Bonus by Madhav Dutta – Make Viral Videos that spread like WildFIRE and make Thousands with in few days

Vidify Download


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