VIDSTORY Review and Download

VIDSTORY Review and Download by Arif Chandra – The secret of how to make your design marketing in less than 5 minutes


VIDSTORY is EDIT, CLICK, and EXPORT! Voila, your MARKETING WEAPON will be ready within minutes. No hassle, No fuss.Now click on and check our easy to use “D.F.Y. –VIDEO STORY TEMPLATES 1.0”, a pack of video templates that is ready to use.

You can easily create your own animated video in just 10 minutes,using nothing but powerpoint!at first time i saw the demo,i didn’t believe that this fancy and engaging animated video was created using powerpoint.



VIDSTORY Review and Bonus by Arif Chandra – The secret of how to make your design marketing in less than 5 minutes



Just check out some of these templates…

(All of these come setup for you and ready to go – NOTE: All thumbnails are clickable links!)

Camtasia Animated Video templates
Complete bundle package of FULL COLOUR, EYE CATCHING, ENGAGING and SOPHISTICATED TOON CAMTASIA animation video templates.

HQ Character Animation Pack
This complete series of animation characters are suitable for both online or offline purpose and COMPATIBLE with ANY OTHER video software that support .mov, .swf, and .gif formats.

Toon Social Media Video Templates
This social media animation templates are suitable for insta story, whatsapp story, snapchat or any other social media branding and promotion projects.

HQ Background Animation Pack
A complete collection of ready to use PHENOMENAL animated video backgrounds that can be easily applied in any animated video. Compatible with any video application and support various video format.

Robotic Animation Pack
The cool robotic animated character will add signature character to your video. It also transforms your video to be catchier, more engaging and COOL!

Whiteboard Animation Pack
Ready to use animated character that mimics the whiteboard explanation model will help you to create an explanation video that engages your audience both through visual and auditory communication.

Animated Icons & Elements Pack
There are tons of social media icon, business icon, and many more animated icon that you can use to enhance your video in this bundle. The Possibility is limitless. The choice is YOURS. Everything is already DONE FOR YOU!

Smoke FX Elements Pack
All done for you bundle effects that look like particles and smoke. Not only it adds MAGICAL effects to your video, it will also enhances the sophisticated look of your video

Colorful Transitions Pack
We provide a bundle of transition effect animation to add professional effect to your video


VIDSTORY Review and Bonus by Arif Chandra – The secret of how to make your design marketing in less than 5 minutes



You will not regret purchasing VIDSTORY because you will gain an incredible amount of video animations without spending more money.Get these VIDSTORY now for your video marketing and business.In addition, you are also free to use the Video Templates for your clients too. Using this product will increase your conversion by up to 150%.

But remember, the early bird discount price is only available for limited time only.Take this chance now,or your competitor will take it from you!


VIDSTORY Review and Bonus by Arif Chandra – The secret of how to make your design marketing in less than 5 minutes



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