Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review and Download

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review and Download by John Delavera – The Brand New Ultimate Private Label Rights Software Package Is Finally Ready

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR REVIEW

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR is Every software I create has a story. In most of the cases it’s part of my story. I use to say that I create software for myself, because I want to solve a problem I have. It happens that fellow marketers love the solution I offer, and that’s how they want to get it too. That’s why “Turbo” software sells. Because it covers a need.In specific about the Turbo Dynamic URL…I’ll give you a brief first and then I’ll allow you to watch a video where I explained everything in a way you can grasp the point in 3 minutes or less.

And I am sure you already know that the real money in those launches come from the AFFILIATES.Nobody can be a lonely tree in this business – or to any business. You need affiliates to send you sales.So… I am also certain when saying that you have already noticed that SOME affiliates offer BONUSES to you… in order to make you buy a specific product from them; that is using their affiliate link. It’s a win-win situation: you get the extra bonuses, the affiliate gets the commission.I also want to believe that you may have noticed those “ready bonus pages…”Those are pages created by the seller.It’s fair deal. Super affiliates ARE in the position to do all the above in some MINUTES…. they also have a hosting account and master the technical details when downloading, editing pages and re-uploading them online.HOWEVER…There is another “breed” of BONUS PAGES too… and (as you can easily imagine) THAT type of bonus pages is RESERVED for the “GOOD JVs”…I am referring to bonus pages that SOMEHOW are created AUTOMATICALLY without a super duper affiliate doing any extra work… and those bonus pages display all the info of the affiliate…without forcing him to download/upload anything.OK… I think I lost my momentum here…it happens when something I want to explain is too technical… and in those cases I mess a bit… because, you see… my purpose has been to STRIP that technicality FOR YOU and make everything SIMPLE.

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review


Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review and Bonus by John Delavera – The Brand New Ultimate Private Label Rights Software Package Is Finally Ready

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR FEATURE :

Here comes the first component of the deal offered here…

COMPONENT #1 – Killer Software

COMPONENT #2 – Killer Graphics

COMPONENT #3 – Killer Sales letter – Thank you page, Mobile Friendly website

COMPONENT #4 – Killer Illustrated Step by Step PDF Manual


I am sure you already know there are tons of launches happening every day online. People sell digital products of any kind.

  • webooks
  • software
  • videos
  • graphics
  • courses
  • memberships
  • etc

I am quite proud for this component (too) because I personally create it and I do it for 3 reasons:

1. First I (again) know better what does the software do, so I save the time I’d have to explain to the writer all the functionality of the software.
2. Second because when creating the manual I also test (perhaps for the 101st time) the software so to be sure that everything I explain in the manual is exactly what happens when YOU will go through all the steps.
3. Third, because I have not found anyone else to create nicer technical guides… and even then (as mentioned above) I’d have to spend time explaining to him/her what to do…

I give the most flexible terms and ALL the rights you need to

  • sell the software (ie. you can do that because you get Resale Rights)
  • sell the Resale Rights (ie. you can do it because you get the Master Resale Rights too; note: only YOU get Master Resale Rights. Your resellers can sell the software but cannot sell the resale rights)
  • edit everything and sign it as “yours”; you get the Private Label Rights for that reason and again only YOU get the PLR. the source codes, the PSDs, etc. and you cannot pass those rights either to your customers.

Sure Fire Ways To Make Money With Your Product

  • GIVE IT AWAY AS A BONUS when your customers buy through your affiliate link. Bonuses have proven to convert thinking customers into paying customers!
  • INCREASE THE VALUE of your existing product for more sales. You can do this by offering this software as a bonus to your existing product. Customers ALWAYS love it when you under-sell and over-deliver! That’s how you get repeat customers.
  • Sell it on your blog or site
  • Sell it at a higher price… this offer is very low… so double your profits when you resell!
  • Use it in any IM COACHING PROGRAM as a useful software all affiliates need and all sellers need to BUY.
  • Add it as an UPSELL or one time offer in your funnel.
  • Use the software with your own affiliates… show them how good it is!
  • INTEGRATE the product on your JV partners’ page as a special bonus or on their download page!
  • Add the product to your IM (paid) MEMBERSHIP SITE so you can retain and keep them active, paying members!

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Bonuses :

Free Access to a 12-video Series PLR Profits – Video training
Order today and you will be able to access a members’ area where you can watch 12 videos that show you what can you do with your PLR products… where you can advertise it, what to do for maximising your results, etc.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Honestly, if you’re not fully delighted with the PLR package, simply take your money back. That’s how certain I am that you will find way to much value from this package to want to give it up. No questions asked. No worries. You really have nothing to lose.

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Testimony…

As someone who’s been a customer of Turbo products since 2005, I can vouch for the quality of work and dedication John selflessly puts in!Quite simply: anything that John Delavera puts out, you can trust him! – Edmund Loh

I had the chance to check out John’s new Turbo Dynamic URL offering and I have to say I LOVE it. He also provides full install manual making it super easy to install.Being able to let your affiliates add their own name and photo on their pages on your server means your affiliates will get more sales. It’s a win win for everyone. Want more affiliates sales? Get this! – Richard Butler

I call John Delavera my “unofficial” Internet business mentor. I learned a lot of things from him that became the foundation of all my online businesses.Unofficial because at first, he didn’t know I was watching and learning from him. Until I became very good friends with and brother to him and my businesses reached its potential so far.His teachings are responsible for the development of my entrepreneurial spirit.His software products became the nuts and bolts of my Internet empire. And without me learning the concept of automation and centralization from him, I wouldn’t be an Internet success story that people see me today. Ian del Carmen, CeMC Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Consultant IanDelCarmen.com – Ian Del Carmen

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re 100% protected by my 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you pay nothing since you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the software create bonus pages?
A. No. It allows you to add some code in your page so to display the name and photo of your affiliate and also dynamically add the affiliate’s link in it. However, you need to create the page – ie. Bonus page or what ever.

Q. Do I get any updates?
A. The software’s role is exhausted to the features it offers hence we do not plan to release a new version. If a new version exists in the future it will be released as a complete new software. In simple words: the licenses offered on this page for the prices available here cover the existing version of this software only.

Q. Do I get support?
A. The software’s manual covers everything you need to know for installing and using the software. While we have tested the software thoroughly in different environments, there is always 1 possibility that your specific server may not use PHP. In that case you are free to ask for a refund. Similarly if a “bug” is discovered (which is quite rare to happen after the thorough beta testing of it) we’ll release the corrected version to all customers.

Q. I have a question that is not covered here. How can I contact you?
A. Please submit a ticket here.

GRAB Turbo Dynamic URL PLR HERE :

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review and Bonus by John Delavera – The Brand New Ultimate Private Label Rights Software Package Is Finally Ready

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Bonuses

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR REVIEW

If you are a seller, then you’ll agree YOUR TIME should be spent developing better relationships with clients, building up your traffic, improving your services and growing your list….If you’re a coder, you would not be reading this. You would be off creating that software instead.So, the last thing you want to do is sit in front of your computer coding, designing, writing and slaving away trying to make ends meet, instead of focusing on the big, important stuff. The stuff that creates wealth and does not drain all your time and energy doing it either!You see, when you save time… you can hyper focus on the big things, and that’s how you create big money.And it is simpler than everyone makes out! The problem is everyone tells you about all the hard work… but what if you didn’t have to do that part??!You just need people to do it for you, and not just any people… experts.

Every true millionaire has a team of people doing the manual stuff and letting you do ‘boss’ stuff. That’s the secret.As I told you earlier:How do you know something is in demand?It either solves a problem, shortens manual steps, or makes something more professional/better for the customer…IN SHORT: People will always pay you to make their lives easier. And Internet Marketers, sellers in general will pay for this software and will be happy you sold it to them. It’s just like we are doing today. And that’s why it works.In the same way, our team of designers, writers, researchers and developers have done all the long, tedious and painful tasks for you so that you can focus on one thing – making a fortune from a private label rights package.It is like me handing you your own shop, with all the marketing material and the products and you saying – “But this is too hard!” Well… Sorry.IT IS NOT.It’s the opposite actually and offline you would never get such an opportunity!

GET Turbo Dynamic URL PLR HERE :

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Review and Bonus by John Delavera – The Brand New Ultimate Private Label Rights Software Package Is Finally Ready

Turbo Dynamic URL PLR Download


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