Finance Marketers Handbook Review and Downlaod

Finance Marketers Handbook Review and Downlaod by Guy Zachs – high quality video marketing training product, consists of PDFs, videos and software

Finance Marketers Handbook REVIEW

Finance Marketers Handbook to make a video for a small business and wouldn’t know the first place to begin building one. High quality video marketing outsourcers for just a fraction of the fee you charge, meaning you keep the bulk of the proceeds, and do practically no challenging work.

Look, there are almost 1.5 million accountants in the United States, alone. There are more accountants who need help than there are consultants who can help them. This opportunity can never get stale and it will never get over-saturated, because there is simply too much demand and not enough marketers & part time consultants to supply them. These professionals need your help, and I’ve already given you the exact way to profit from their needs. All you need to do is follow my training.

Finance Marketers Handbook Review

WATCH THE DEMO Finance Marketers Handbook HERE :

Finance Marketers Handbook Review and Bonus by Guy Zachs – high quality video marketing training product, consists of PDFs, videos and software

Finance Marketers Handbook Review

Finance Marketers Handbook FEATURE :

Here Is What You’ll Learn Inside:

In Section 1,I’ll reveal a never-ending client stream, referrals and payments, so you never have to struggle to find leads:

  • How to find those golden clients online using Google & Facebook – Just do this simple search from your home computer and get these businesses paying you without leaving your house. These are my EXACT search strings I use that return the maximum number of accountants who buy this service.
  • Where to find high-paying golden clients offline – Close immediate deals and make money on the spot within 60 seconds of delivering a done-for-you pitch. Exploit this secret “hang-out” for business consultants & accountants to make a killing. I’ll tell you exactly what to say.
  • How to find & book new clients every week – These rinse and repeat strategies close at least a $400 video marketing deal every week like clockwork, and every new client buys at least twice
  • “Trick” tax & business experts to refer their clients to you – accountants and finance workers love to talk and will refer you to their friends and fellow business contacts. I’ll walk you through an easy 2-step process for getting the referral every time, even from accountants who don’t buy from you; so either way, you collect more payments!

In Section 2, You’ll learn the secrets to powerful, hard-to-resist offers. You will skip years of marketing classes, and a decade of street-smart sales experience:

  • My exact pitch templates – Just add your name to them and you never have to improvise a sales pitch ever again, because this perfect pitch closes 75% of people who hear it. I lay out exactly what to say, and when to say it. Say this pitch to yourself three times and you’re ready to deliver it and collect payments
  • Quickly identify what type of videos to offer your client, that will also yield maximum profit for you.  If they need quick exposure, offer them ; if they need more long term exposure, offer them videos, that you can profit monthly from!
  • Learn the real trick for doubling, even tripling your fees – Discover how to make these accountants and finance professionals chase YOU, begging to give you $1,000 or even $2,000 for simple services that you outsource.
  • A rock-solid logic approach that any accountant would be dumb to refuse – I’ll show you how to raise their curiosity so high, within the first sentence you say to them, these business owners will beg, and throw money at you to offer them a deal. This means you can name your highest price possible.

In Section 3, I’ll give you a completely hands-off, fully outsourced video creation business model, and a simple no-fail method for getting high video rankings so you keep paying you month after month.

  • How to match perfectly the video type needed to you – learn the different types of marketing videos, and which type to use in different situations.
  • How and where to outsource your video creation – I give you the exact international site where I outsource my video work. These outsourcers create great videos for your clients, and have fees so low, you almost feel bad because your profit margins are very high
  • A complete workflow for the ‘do-it-yourself’ types – If you want to learn how to make videos yourself, follow these exact steps and see the free and premium tools I use in my everyday video business.
  • My exact formula to rank those videos high in the search engines – Get exposure within MINUTES of uploading to the Internet. Use this secret backdoor to Google to get high ranking results and traffic that will make your clients dig deep into their pockets each month to pay you.
  • The exact sequence of steps I take to ensure my success – Achieve FAST RESULTS for clients, sometimes within MINUTES of uploading a video using this simple checklist.
  • The exact settings for each video – Get maximum exposure & results for your clients by using my scientifically testing video settings scheme that few people beyond the video creation industry will ever tell you.
  • The free tools I use every day to speed up the ranking process – Use these online tools to amplify your ranking and search result placement so you produce the maximum amount of leads and new business for accountants, ensuring they pay you every month for lead generation videos.

In Section 4, I’ll show you exactly how to price your videos, what to charge, and how to get the business owner paying you as quick as possible:

  • Custom tailored pricing strategies for all major accounting segments – Want fast immediate cash? Follow this section in the guide. This strategy also includes proven best-selling monthly recurring programs that accountants will happily pay for.
  • What NOT to charge your clients – How to avoid under-selling yourself or over-pricing yourself out of the deal. Stay competitive and get the maximum amount of profit from every deal.
  • How to structure your pricing – get a minimum of $400 per deal, and learn the ways to collect large 5 figure lump sums payments selling video marketing to tax experts
  • How to upsell you for higher income – discover the offers that force your existing clients to pay you even more money and buy extra services from you like social media content, websites, and other things you can simply outsource.
  • My methods for incentivizing referrals from you – learn the tricks that I use to get paid referrals.

Listen, right now, you only have a few choices:

  • You can take what you’ve learned today, and try to go about it on your own, which if you saved this letter and read it carefully a few times, you may succeed all by yourself…
  • You can do nothing, which won’t pay any bills or put any food on the table, and we both know you don’t want to do that because that will get you nowhere fast…
  • Or you can make the smart choice. Skip over all the trial, error, and struggle and pick up your copy of the Finance Marketers Handbook.

Finance Marketers Handbook Bonuses :

FB Lead Hunter

  • Easy to install & Easy to use.
  • Retail world value of $97, yours free TODAY!
  • Works both on Mac & PC.
  • Can be used to find all types of leads for online marketing services.
  • Gets you fast results!

Finance Marketers Handbook F.A.Q

Q: Aren’t those meetings you talk about only take place in your country or area, Guy?
No, it’s a GLOBAL thing, and a very successful business format that accountants and business consultants happen to like!

Q: Do I really need to go to business meetings?
The answer is no, as I provide the online method + easy to use software to find and approach clients, although those meeting are a lot of fun, and gets me immediate results!

Q: Guy, you say that most of the work can be outsourced – Do I need to deal with complex hiring of expensive freelancers?
Not at all! I point you to the exact site I use to easily find low cost freelancers that leaves me with a GREAT profit margin.

Q: Is this low price really time limited, or can I can I come back later?
This is a CRAZY DEAL, that won’t last for long! I can’t afford to offer this out to the public at this price, for too long as too many will grab this deal… I suggest you grab this INCREDIBLE OFFER while it lasts, today!

GRAB Finance Marketers Handbook HERE :

Finance Marketers Handbook Review and Bonus by Guy Zachs – high quality video marketing training product, consists of PDFs, videos and software

Finance Marketers Handbook Bonuses

Finance Marketers Handbook REVIEW

Because I want case studies of students who are using my accounting sales system and lead finding software to help me sell via webinars. When you see how well this system works, and how easy it is to get clients, I know you’ll be happy to send me a testimonial and maybe even a case study.

With my 60-day no questions asked guarantee, if you are not satisfied with my system and free software, then simply open a support ticket with the subject line “refund” and I’ll return every dollar of your investment immediately. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because all the risk is on me here.

GET Finance Marketers Handbook HERE :

Finance Marketers Handbook Review and Bonus by Guy Zachs – high quality video marketing training product, consists of PDFs, videos and software

Finance Marketers Handbook Download

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