membership Review and Download membership Review and Download by Daniel Taylor – You’re About To Discover A Powerful Platform That House’s The Largest Database Of Money Making Products And Resources All Under One Roof membership REVIEW membership is such a high demand all the time. Creating products can be time consuming and costly without even knowing if it’ll sell! And trying to find brand new, high quality, low priced, legal and legit PLR products can even be harder. you can see that PLR products are generating lot’s of revenue. What’s interesting is the amount of clicks PLR products are getting, therefore, that’s why PLR products are hot and in demand.

No technical skills such as website design for your sales page, graphic designing for your website, ebook, report, guide, banners and anything else that needs graphics. Trying to write the content and knowing about that particular subject. And then having to make all the marketing material to sell and promote the product.Because of all this many marketers or anyone even thinking about creating their own product give’s up before they even get started. membership Review

WATCH THE DEMO membership HERE : membership Review and Bonus by Daniel Taylor – You’re About To Discover A Powerful Platform That House’s The Largest Database Of Money Making Products And Resources All Under One Roof membership Review membership FEATURE : membership OTO / Upsell /Downsell :

Overview: This page will be seen when users arrive on the front end of the sales page.

Overview : This page will be seen when users have tried to exit the page but subscribed to the opt-in form to download the offered free guide. When they confirm there subscription, they will be redirected to this downsell page before downloading there free guide.

Overview: This is the upsell page that will be seen for anyone who has made a successful purchase. This product is a service we offer that involves setting up a complete sales funnel. It’s got three options…

Overview: This is the second downsell page throughout the funnel. If the user doesn’t purchase any of the selected plans from the upsell page then they’ll be redirected to the second page. This new OTO is a discount only for the 1 product self-hosting set-up (option #1 on upsell page).

The Largest Database Of Resellable Digital Products

  • 100% legal licensed digital products that you can resell, rebrand and used for your personal needs.
  • Unlimited downloads to the entire database with no restrictions.
  • Get more out of with PLR Database Premium.
  • Original brand new products with our monthly Exclusive PLR packages. Uniquely created for our premium members.
  • See where the PLR Database can take you. membership Features :

The PLR Database Marketplace
The PLR Database has been considered by many of our members and users to be one of the largest database with digital products with such licenses as PLR, MRR, RR and Give Away Rights.

Public Profile and Activity Feed
The user profile and community activity feed are built for members to get together and collaborate. A great section to get to know each other and find like minded people. Find, follow, and friend each other to start building your profile base.

Personal Inbox
All members get their very own inbox to receive private messages from other users. A great way to send messages to other users who are your friends and keep track of conversations.

Private Messaging
Start a conversation through your private message system. A great way to get to know other users better. Even another better way for promoting your business or product to your friends and followers. Contact individual friends or contact all your friends at once.

Your Own My Inventory
Every user gets there very own “My Inventory” section where you can save all your favorite products. Start saving your best products for a later date. You can even create personal lists to organize products into. membership Frequently Asked Questions :

What does PLR and MRR stand for?
PLR stands for Private Label Rights and MRR stands for Master Resell Rights and both licenses have been given out by the author or creator for any particular products upon purchase.

What are MRR products?
MRR products are items like PLR but with usually less privileges. Such as a lot of MRR products can be sold, license passed on to the buyers, but cannot claim ownership and most of the time the item has to be sold the way it came.

Is there a guarantee with PLR Database Premium?
Yes, of course. There is a 7-day refund on all purchases and paid plans. No questions asked money-back guaranteed. There is absolutely no risk.

Is there any ongoing fees?
Only for PLR Database Premium. Which the plans are… a month fee of $10 for a 3 month plan for $25 and a yearly plan for $49. All selected plans gives you full access as a premium member for the selected preiod – Cancel anytime. There is also a life-time plan with a one-time fee of $89.

Why should I sign up for an account today?
Because firstly it’s one of the largest and fastest growing databases of resellable goods offering resellable licensed products. Secondly, creating products is old news and now you can be making money the fast way by using other peoples products which they have allowed you to.

What are PLR products?
PLR products are items with such licenses that allows you to have full rights to them. Such as adding your very own name to it, claiming ownership, becoming the author etc. Some PLR licenses may differ for each product so always check each products licenses within the download file.

So… how much for all of this?
A Premium which allows you unlimited and unrestricted access to the entire database is a monthly fee of $10. For a 3 month plan is $25 and a yearly plan for $49. Any of these plans can be canceled at any time. Once you cancel any plan, after the period of your plan expires you’ll be demoted down to a free member.

How do I become a member right now?
That’s the easy part. Simply scroll up a bit on this page to select your plan, join by creating an account and that’s it. And start downloading instantly.

Can I cancel my paid plan when I want?
Simply contact us and we will cancel your membership subscription so there are no more on-going fees. This is done simply and quickly with no hassle.

How do I become an affiliate for
That’s easy. Simply sign up at our affiliates page at To learn more about this head over to our affiliates program.

GRAB membership HERE : membership Review and Bonus by Daniel Taylor – You’re About To Discover A Powerful Platform That House’s The Largest Database Of Money Making Products And Resources All Under One Roof membership Bonuses membership REVIEW

Meaning, I’ve had other memberships else where for over priced access. That is why was born. To offer our members something that they will benefit from for the fraction of the cost.Remember. this is the easy way to owning your very own product with thousands to chose from and more been added on a daily bases.You can literally start downloading and make money today. Use these products to drive profits in all the possible ways you can.

100% unconditional hassle free guarantee. Due to the nature of digital products we only offer a 7 day money back return on all payments made. All our membership plans comes with an absolutely money back guarantee within 7 days of purchase. That’s right a whole 7 days to download and try all the products out during the first 7 days to see if your completely satisfied with the database and platform, or your money back. Plus you can keep anything you have downloaded. If you’re not satisfied for any reason just email our support team and we will refund your money. So really, what have you got to lose.

GET membership HERE : membership Review and Bonus by Daniel Taylor – You’re About To Discover A Powerful Platform That House’s The Largest Database Of Money Making Products And Resources All Under One Roof membership Download

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