VideoBold Review and Download

VideoBold Review and Download by James Okeke – HUGE Collection of Story Style Macro Films

VideoBold REVIEW

Videobold is a ground breaking video solution that brings “BIG BRAND” Story Style Videos within the reach of elite marketers with a never-before-realised arsenal of emotional and engaging video memories. In a nutshell Videobold is a collection of over 200 Editable story style videos spanning (number) niches! Over 19 disparate “film making styles” with multiple variations in each, means Videobold is superbly equipped to dominate across multiple niches and industries; from child health to accounting. From dentistry to action sports suppliers.

There’s a revolution about to happen. It was created by big brands “cheating” using an unfair advantage. While the rest of the world made rubber armed PowerPoint animations, big brands were winning the hearts and minds of their audiences with “stories”. In fact they’ve been doing it for about 50 years. It’s only with the popularity of video, that they took their stories to web video as well. YES “stories” in video form. We call them “storyline” videos. The problem though is they tend to be “location footage” of real people (actors) and that’s an expensive shoot to do. Easily around 5K each. Once James Okeke and Justin realized what was going on, they decided to make their own collection of “universal” stories. James Okeke is the Babel fish of universal messaging, so that means that each video can cover multiple niches. It sounds unbelievable, but just watch this marketing politician weave his magic. So James Okeke and Justin recorded over 200 of these storyline videos. That’s over one million in value, but for 5 days, during their micro launch, they’re doing a very special deal, for under 1% of of the price for one, you get ALL 200 of them! It’s an insane offer. They’re even bundling their 97 value VBE video editor. A cross platform software tool, ideal for video marketers and business to customise their videos and to make Video SEO teasers. What’s even more insane is that these emotionally charged videos can be customised even further. So if you’ve been waiting to create a business out of video marketing, VideoBold is your ticket to ride.These videos almost sell themselves.Bets of all, clients get it. They see the impact and they see the branding potential. I can tell you now, that the front end is complete in itself and will set you up as a “video consultant”, to set your own price and sell these videos and keep a hundred percent of the profit. But if you want to go to the next level, OTO1 is the Agency edition, where you can sell the videos to video consultants, yourself. Again you can set the price and keep all of the money.You’ll even get a preloaded website to do it with. Add your payment details and just send it traffic. It’s ready to sell out of the box.So watch out for my email in a few days for more details.Or if you want to join their early bird list, you’ll get 3 prelaunch bonuses, including; how to get clients, how to leverage video, spying to get competitor insights.

VideoBold Review


VideoBold Review and Bonus by James Okeke – HUGE Collection of Story Style Macro Films

VideoBold Review

VideoBold FEATURE :

VideoBold Benefit :

1.Instant Access
You will get instant access upon payment.
2.Fully White Labeled
Our logos or watermarks are not in the videos Templates.
3.Instant Profit
This is by far one of the easiest ways to profit from an online business.
4.Quick & Easy Support
Our support team is always on stand by to attend to the customers needs.

HOW VideoBold WORKS :


1. Signup
Your video membership account is automatically setup and ready to go. No waiting.

2. Browse Template Library
Browse and download unlimited templates from a library of video templates, in various niches.

3. Customize & Publish
Edit your templates using the BOLD video editor. Publish your videos for commercial use or re-sell.


An Extensive Template Library

We’ve produced the best collection of video templates in various business categories.Our BOLD video editor makes it easy to customize the video templates to enable you communicate your business’s unique story.

Our video template library is constantly growing and updated with new video templates.

Need to customize and re-sell videos to others? No problem, commercial licence included.

With prices so low, you actually get a ton of templates for the price you normally pay for just one.

No matter what your experience level, our platform is easy to navigate and use.

Ready To Go Video Templates
Instant Professional High Definition Video Templates With An Easy to Use Video Editor.

You instantly get access to tons of great looking video templates to grow your business or for re-sell to others..

With prices so low, you actually get a ton of HD templates for the price you normally would pay for just one. Forget about over priced video providers now you can deliver your message in a professional and unforgettable way.

Your subscription includes the beautiful & easy to use BOLD desktop video editor, so you can edit, customize and publish your videos fast.


“The video templates are very nice and a great tool for marketing . It’s just awesome.” – Sylvia Reuben
“I was having some difficulties and i reached out to the support team and they responded really quickly.” – Adamz Mccoy
“My conversion rate has increased tremendously since i started using the video templates for my clients.” – lsCarroll Henderson
“This is the best investment I ever made. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.” – Veronica Monique

GRAB VideoBold HERE :

VideoBold Review and Bonus by James Okeke – HUGE Collection of Story Style Macro Films

VideoBold Download

VideoBold REVIEW

There’s little doubt that video is the new gold on the Internet. Neilson (research) and Cisco (routers) both confirm it will be the dominant content form within the next 2 years. If you look at Google Trends, you can see that video marketing has been pretty solid and consistent for the past “5 years”. All the signs are, that video marketing is a solid business factor.But here’s the problem. Most video marketing is the same, making it really hard to stand out and take market share. At the low end, everyone has the same video software tools (like whiteboard toons) and everyone has access to the same paid and zero cost stock video clips. And everyone’s making the same kind of FAQ, Explainer and whiteboard videos and slide show garbage for video SEO Well that changes today, as the cart opens for the VideoBold “storyline” collection. Over 200 “storyline” style videos in the style that “big brands” use to tell their story. The first product to market in this style. But instead of the typical 5K per video to do a location shoot and post production, James Okeke and Justin are releasing their powerful collection of 200 macro films, for less than 1% of the price for one (annual license). You can check out the video previews on the product page and see for yourself why this is such a disruptive offer in the video market.

But let’s dive in a little more and show you the untapped potential of this collection. Each of the 200 macro films and complete stand alone productions, ready to go, out of the box. Including storyboarding, scripting, shooting editing, post production and a music and voiceover soundtrack. Because of Jame’s “unique” Babel fish messaging, you’ll fined each clip can handle a multitude of niches. Just watch him weave his magic. But now we can go on and customise each macro film for a client, simply by overlaying their logo and a lower third for the call to action or contact info. That makes each film unique to that client and with this league of video production that can be worth 1500 and up. Plus you can create a series of them to cover seasonal and event and location variations. You can easily get 20 variations for each business. You can set your own rate as a package, or stick to the rate. It’s totally up to you. Even buy 19 get 1 free is a deal…But you can get even more creative than that!If you swap out the soundtrack, you’ll get a vast amount of freedom for your production and you can get voiceovers off Fiverr for around 20 per minute. Not bad to customise a 1500 video. But most video consultants and video agencies, won’t need to go as far as changing the soundtrack. Using the power of the VBE Video Editor you can overlay your own sub story in just a few frames, using text or graphics. That makes your video portfolio, endless in potential. Of course there’s little to stop you inter-cutting different films in the collection to make hybrids, if you want to. How ever you look at it, 200 standalone videos, plus all of the customization and editing options, gives you a super powerful tool for your video arsenal.

GET VideoBold HERE :

VideoBold Review and Bonus by James Okeke – HUGE Collection of Story Style Macro Films

VideoBold Bonuses


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