Zapable Review

Zapable Review and Bonus by Chris Fox – Best Drag and Drop App maker

Zapable REVIEW

Zapable is a state of the art cloud based service app building service. You can build amazing apps from your computer, Ipad, Iphone and Android Device. It builds both IOS and Android Apps – you can even better IOS Apps without. Zapable Created by Chris & Andrew Fox, Zapable has gone from strength to strength since its launch back in March this year with currently with over 5000 active customers.

It’s no secret that apps are taking the Business World by storm. And it’s no secret that Zapable Apps are geared up for the high-demand. App developers are needed everywhere. Even your own local area is a goldmine waiting to be discovered. And there’s never been a better time to get involved as right now… Because today Zapable is giving you access to this 4.4 Billion Dollar Industry for just 1 single dollar! Now why would they bring the bar of entry down to just a buck and allow you in a multi-billion dollar business? Demand! The demand is so high, the market needs more app developers to keep up with the growing market. And the good news is… Now you can get into a hot, lucrative app business starting today on a 1 dollar trial. You’ll get access to a complete app business AND will learn firsthand how easy it is to get started! Everything is drag & drop simple with clicks and tabs. NO high-tech learning curve. To become an app developer… … and see how Zapable is paving the way for many new high-paid app entrepreneurs who are people just like you

Zapable Review


Zapable Review and Bonus by Chris Fox – Best Drag and Drop App maker


Zapable FEATURE :

We Seemlessly Integrate The Following With Your App…

How Does It Work? Just 3 Easy Steps To Build & Publish The Perfect App For Your Clients Business :

  • Design Your App
  • Over 30 Features
  • Publish Your App

Zapable Features :

Multiple eCommerce Options – Build Your Own Shopify Store, Add Your Amazon Store, iTunes Store & Custom Catalog

Import your Shopify Store with one click. Just enter your URL – Amazing!

  • Under items there is a “Recommended Items” section
  • Categorize & Sub Categorize various sectors
  • Super Easy to update. When make any changes from your Shopify Admin Panels it auto updates in the app instantly

Build your own Amazon Store on any topic. When someone buys a product you earn an affiliate commission!

  • Enter your Chosen Keyword & within seconds your results appear. Just select with one click of the mouse what product you want in your store
  • Manage & Organize Categories & Sub Categories. You could have Movies, Audio, Tools Sections!
  • Build out Affiliate Stores with ease
  • Amazon turned over $74.2 Billion last year and 60% of that spend was on mobile – Massive Opportunity!

Build Your Own iTunes Store, Perfect to share movies, audio books, podcasts etc.

  • Build out I-tunes stores with one simple keyword. Select from movies ,audio books, podcasts, Tv shows, Ebooks
  • Add any audio or movie file
  • Add your favorite podcasts

Full Social Media Integration – Link Directly Into Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Twitter Account

  • Facebook – Add In your own or clients Facebook account. Instantly updates as you update post of your FB wall
  • Instagram – Share your picture now live in your App
  • Twitter – As you tweet will update live within the App
  • Flicker – Share your photo stream live in App

Build Out A Directory -Perfect For Real Estate, Tourism Apps & Many More

The Directory function is an Incredible Feature Inside Zapable. Click the video below to see how powerful the Directory feature is! Build Niches Out Directory for Many. Real Estate, Automotive, Tourism Apps, Town Guides & much more. Build out a premium listing section & charge advertisers for the listing.

  • Add in Images , Descriptions etc.
  • Add in Location. Can be used for multiple locations. For example if a business has more than one outlet.
  • Call Us Section
  • Full Text Description
  • Social interaction. Link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Add Videos -Directly From YouTube Or Your Computer In Just A Few Clicks

  • Add your own YouTube channel With Full Search Features!
  • Use other peoples videos
  • Edit the video description and curate your own content. Even add your own link
  • If you prefer upload video by “Custom URL”
  • Upload via Dropbox – We tap directly into Dropbox

Add Your Own Podcasts –Add Any Audio To Your App

  • Add In Your Sound Cloud Account. Stream Audio directly from the app pulling from your Sound Cloud Feed. Full Controls – Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind.
  • Custom Url – Upload any .mp4 and .wav file directly into your app
  • RSS Feed – Directly Tap Into Audio Via Rss.

Build Your Email List – Build Your List & Design Your Own Opt In Form Directly In App

  • Build out your opt in form directly in App. We intergrate directly with Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp And Infusions Soft.
  • If you don’t use any of the above solutions don’t worry we got you covered. You can export leads as .csv file and upload to any mailing list provider of your choice.
  • Change opt in forms background, colours.

Add Images To Your App – Add An Amazing Image Gallery Directly To Your App

  • Create an interactive Slide Show live in your app
  • Optional image zoom
  • Save Images from your app to your phone.
    (Very useful for people wanting to take pictures offline)

Appointment Form Service

  • Schedule Clients For A Service. Just a few examples:
  • Lawyers – Schedule a meeting with your client
  • Hair & beauty – Book your treatment in
  • Automotive – Book a car service / request a tune up
  • Select from a very easy to use calendar. Choose your date, select time and book

‘Drag n Drop’ Form Builder – Perfect for Survey, Competition & Quizzes Build & Customize Any Type Of Form

  • How was your experience with us?” Feedback form
  • Survey your list. Add Competitions, Quizzes etc.
  • Discount Surveys Ex. “Fill in this survey and receive a 10% discount on your next visit”
  • Collect all customers information.
  • Export Your Leads & import to any email provider.

Food Ordering Service – Specifically For Restaurants & Food Delivery Services

  • We tap into some of the most popular food reservation services online such as Open table. This is where the customer can reserve a table within your app.
  • Food Delivery – Not sitting in….? Don’t worry we also tap into popular takeaway services like
  • Imagine how easy it is to sell an app in this Industry. Approach a client and say “If your not taking orders online your lost at least 20% if your business. If you turnover $200,000 a year’s that a potential $40,000 your missing out on”

Client Communication -Multiple Ways For A Client To Contact You

  • Click to Email Button – When they click it will open up in your default mail client
  • Click to Call – When you click this it will call the number from your phone
  • Contact Form – Fill out a form or request a call back. Multi Functional
  • Push button Notification – Send a message Directly to their phone

Multiple Content Delivery Methods – Load Any Website URL In App, Display Articles, Static Pages & Display PDFs

  • PDF Reader – You can upload a PDF into your app & our in build PDF reader will display it. Great for sharing content.
  • Website URL – Enter an website here and it will display within your app
  • Article Page – Build out an Article Library – Build Sub Menus with your Library
  • Static Pages – Create regular HTML pages in app. Add Images, text, change font size, colour etc

Loyalty Cards & Coupon Codes – Increase Engagement With Digital Loyalty Cards & Coupon Codes

  • Perfect for so many businesses. Restaurants , Coffee shops, Physio, Hair and Beauty Etc.
  • You set the Parameters. “buy 6 get one free” or change to whatever you prefer.
  • Coupon Codes – Set a coupon inside your app for a limited time e.g. “Get 10% off this product”
  • You set how long the discount if available for, how many items are available. Fully customize your promotion.

GRAB Zapable HERE :

Zapable Review and Bonus by Chris Fox – Best Drag and Drop App maker


Zapable REVIEW

Let me cut to the chase… Selling Apps is a 4.4 billion dollar market that has been hit by a storm of intense demand and it’s been hard for Developers to keep up. The great news for you is… More app Developers are needed and this is where you come in. You can have access to a complete drag & drop easy app business that clients pay high-dollar for and there’s never been a better chance to get in as NOW! Click To Get Your 1 Dollar Zapable Apps Trial Right Here

With Zapaple apps you get an amazing system that makes you an app developer almost instantly. Zapable is a state of the art cloud based service that has all the most demanding features clients want. This puts you in the position to becoming an in-demand expert app developer… No coding skills, no experience, no hiring programmers,… Right now you can build a mobile app for iPhone and Android in minutes

GET Zapable HERE :

Zapable Review and Bonus by Chris Fox – Best Drag and Drop App maker



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